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First Lady Laura Bush Comes to the Rescue
for Author Kinky Friedman's UtopiaRescue

Author and musician, Kinky Friedman's UtopiaRescue's luncheon in Austin, Texas on May 29, 2002 at the Four Seasons Hotel with First Lady Laura Bush was a Howling Success! Texas' favorite Top Dogs and dignitaries from as far away as Viet Nam attended the benefit!

The rescue operation, located outside of Kerrville, Texas rescues dogs but has also rescued horses and various other animals.

At high noon, Kinky unleashed the fun event by barking to the crowd, "Folks, it's been a financial pleasure. We raised a hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars, but unfortunately we have spent a hundred and twenty-four thousand on the Yogurt Drizzle dessert!"

The entertainment would have won any "Best in Show!" Little Jewford (Jeff Shelby) serenaded the crowd on the piano as vegetarian dinners were served. Steve Fromholtz cracked up the crowd with his vegetarian remark, "If God had meant for us to be vegetarians he wouldn't have made animals out of meat." He was followed by a beautiful solo by AustinÂ’s legendary violinist, Sweet Mary Hattersley. Turk Pipkin did a reading of "Old Yeller" while escaping from a strait-jacket. Sandra Brown entertained the crowd with an extremely funny story about a dog and a dixie cup. Laura's favorites, Delbert McClinton and Tish Hinojosa sang to everyone's delight.

Liz Carpenter and Tom Friedman told some funny stories, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed Steve Harrigan's story about the love-hate relationship with a rabbit. A tear came to many eyes as Sammy Allred, on mandolin, accompanied Kinky singing, "Marilyn and Joe." (It wasn't just their performance--it was because it was a beautiful love song.) But, Laura brought the house down when she presented her hilarious slide show about her and George's White House dogs--Barney and Spot! She had the crowd roaring with laughter including the Secret Service! Everyone agreed that it was the funniest slide show they had ever seen!

EquestrianSingles.com, salutes UtopiaRescue and First Lady Laura Bushfor helping UtopiaRescue to raise $125,000.00 for their animals!

For more information about UtopiaRescue please contact:

Arrangements can be made for shipping dogs anywhere in the country.

For more information about Horse Rescues please contact

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