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Member: searider
Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Our 5th Valentine?s Day today!
On this day five years ago I asked Melanie to be my Valentine. We had just connected on Equestrian Singles a week before, but had never met in person. She said ?yes? and our lives were forever changed! Because of my travels it would be the end of March before we would finally meet in person, but from that day forward we have never been apart. We got engaged the following July and married the following December. Our marriage is truly one of unending bliss and we feel we owe our dream-like happiness to ES, for there is no possible way we ever would have met otherwise. We will be forever grateful for this site.
Member: kjspaint
Sunday, October 29, 2017
Happily Married and Raising Horses <3
4Jasper and I (kjspaint) met on ES in June 2011,emailed & talked for a while, then had our first date(he was from WA and I was in AZ.) on Christmas Eve Day 2011, and love led the way, even our Paints fell in love! :) He proposed in Paris, France March 2013 and we married on 11-8-2014. We had an equestrian themed wedding with our close family & friends. We now reside in NM. with our 3 beautiful horses, 3 pups, 1 smart cat and a fish..lol We are best friends and are happy to share our story. <3
Member: cowboy65beach
Saturday, January 02, 2016
Friskyfilly42 and I have been together for 10 yrs
Friskyfilly42 and I started chatting with eachother in December of 2006. We met for the first time in January 2007. Friskyfilly42 moved in May 2007. We married Nov. 1st 2009. We have been celebrating everyday in everyway since we first hooked up. Thanks again to Equestrian Singles.
Member: 1artzlady
Thursday, July 23, 2015
Ms. Right met Mr. Right
We met on ES just over a year ago. With 3 weeks of talking on the phone...where we fell in love, sight unseen for me(as his pictures were full length, with his sunglasses on, on his horse ..so I did NOT have a clue what he looked like. Michael drove 6 hours to meet me. We discussed the rest of our lives over lunch, I commuted via the train and road trips over the next 6 months. The ranch house was renovated and I moved North with my dog. We were married on May 23, 2015 on the front lawn of our ranch in Central CA. We are really happy and we thank ES for the opportunity for the connection! Our motto: Never Give Up! There is a cowboy or cowgirl just looking to meet YOU! Magic CAN and DOES happen! Happy Trails!
Member: lmaree82
Thursday, March 19, 2015
American Sweetheart
I was on ES for one week in Feb 2014, when I stumbled across the profile of my now boyfriend. Who would have thought, a guy from Wyoming USA and a gal from QLD Australia meet online. 13mths ago, would get together and now be planning to spend the rest of our lives together.
We chatted everyday for 7months then I flew over to meet him and have been going strong ever since. Who knows.. By the end of the year we may just be married and I'll be living over there. 😉(semicolon). I just want to say thank you to ES. Without this site we would never have met one another . We've finally found that someone we can't live without...
Member: admin
Saturday, January 10, 2015
Congratulations to ride4thebrand7
ride4thebrand7 updated their profile today and we want to share their success story!

" !!! UPDATE!!! I am now married to beautiful Christian lady who loves The Lord and horses. May God bless everyone on the trails of life... I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ,this defines who I am
How to describe myself,How would a horse answer that,by letting you look into his eye and see his heart,soul,and character.When you look into mine I hope you would see Integrity,honesty,and a loving and forgiving heart and a teachable sprit.I am loyal my word is my bond.When I make a mistake I admit it and learn from it. I enjoy sunrises wiith a cup of coffee,sunsets,springtime,foals and calves playing in green pastures.helping a therapeutic riding center,awana's at church.training horses,brandings,all kinds of horse activitys.The lady I am lookiing for wow thats a lot easier, a christain lady that loves God and loves to ride!I would saddle the horses and check the shoes,she could pack the lunch and the blanket,we would ride side by side though thick and thin good times and bad into the sunset of life togather
may your horse never stumble, the sun shine softly on your face and a gentle breeze to keep the flys away
Happy trails may God bless you"
Member: bhflowergirl
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Man of My Dreams!!
Married!!! after a year of dating! so glad I joined Equestrian Singles!!! Good Luck to everyone!! Sorry, I already got the best guy on the site.... :))
Member: pcmocutter
Sunday, August 31, 2014
Married April 27, 2014
Thanks to ES, we were able to find each other 600+ miles away. We'd like to think we would have made a connection because of our interest in horses on our own, however the chances of that happening without this website would have been slim. From the first time we connected, we were destined to be together and have enjoyed each other's company & love of cutting horses since. At our age, we both never imagined we could find a love and connection like we have. It's still a miracle that we met, but it was a miracle made possible by ES. We both wish everyone the opportunity to find the love and happiness that we have.
Member: trailwalker
Saturday, November 30, 2013
MARRIED!! October 29,2013
Just wanted to say THANKS ES I would have never met my husband if it wasn't for this site! From 2 different states, didnt think I would really find someone..But met him after emailing and than chatting on the phone than deciding to meet and ride..We never stopped. Met August 2012 and got married with our horses in the smokies October 2013..Life is Good,,Wish everyone Happiness
Member: macarter
Monday, September 09, 2013
Searider is engaged to MACarter
Equestrian Singles really and truly works! My first day on the sight, I came across a profile that happened to have a picture of a man sitting in a field with his horse's head resting in his lap. The expression on the man's face radiated kindness and love for the horse, and I was struck by what an amazing connection the two seemed to share. I couldn't get the picture out of my head. A week went by, and finally I got up the nerve to send him a message...all he could say was no. Well, little did I know that that message lit the fuse of a whirlwind relationship that radically changed both our lives in a mere matter of weeks. The man (and horse) in the picture were more wonderful, lovely, and amazing in real life than I could have imagined, and before I knew it I was packing up my car and my own horse and moving to Ocala! Thanks to ES I have found the love of my life and my soon to be husband!
Member: gtcowgirl1
Thursday, August 22, 2013
Love at first site!
I gave this site:Equestrian singles one more chance with the urging of my friends. I re-wrote my profile and sent a couple of different photos of myself and within a few days, bam, there he was, sending me a message. "Lawyercowboy" responded one by one, to all my requirements and visions of my "perfect" Cowboy Man I desired in my life.
As they say: " it was love at first site". We talked and talked for over 8 hours on our first meeting, and realized that we both found exactly what we were looking for in each other. I moved in with him after only 6 weeks of
dating at his insistent pleading, and we haven't looked back. I never really thought I would ever find this kind of love, but I'm here to say it is out there!
I want to thank Equestrian Singles for this wonderful site for finding love and true joy and happiness. It is looking like a marriage is in the works for our future and we couldn't be more Blessed. Miracles do happen when you are ready! PS. Chris says "he definitely got his $40 worth"!
Gini and Chris
Member: countrywomen80
Monday, August 12, 2013
I first saw this guy when our family came home from vaction, He had move in right next to us. That day I went up and see this stranger and welcome him to area. We start going out when I was. 16! We feel in love there twist in story now.... I was to young my parents said .....I pack my clothes and went to friends place for wkend to have fun . My friend I went out that night had fun around loop I'm masoncity,ia . Next moring I was on my way to him, txai to bus long ride to Pa. . We got married 2 days later in Ma. We been very happy , yes parents got used to idea ,came see fist grandchild. !!!!!
Member: ginlane
Friday, August 02, 2013
Ginlane & Aquaguy
We've been meaning to write to thank ES for bringing us together so here goes.....THANK YOU!
PS/We got married in April and while we both love horses and riding, we have yet to go out on horseback together.....
Member: okles
Thursday, July 25, 2013
It really can work!!!!!
Joined ES at the end of 2012. Found my soul mate on ES and we got married in May 2013. Now in the process of combining stables. We made it work despite being a 1,000 miles apart and having to meet halfway between NE Oklahoma and the Rio Grand Valley in Texas. Its not easy deciding who is honest and not, sincere or not, but you can find that special person if you look long enough.

Good luck in your search
Member: nicole99
Saturday, February 16, 2013
Married Mr. Wonderful
I found and married Mr. Wonderful thanks to ES.

Good luck to you all in your search for your partner in life.

Happy trails.
Member: trailwalker
Thursday, November 15, 2012
Goneriding2day X Trailwalker engaged!!
Never would have thought I would meet the love of my life,soulmate,best friend thru ES but it happened. We decided to meet at a horse camp and ride horses for a week together and we havent been apart much since. I am in Tennessee,he is in Alabama and I will be soon in Alabama with him.. Got engaged Oct 6th 2012 and getting married fall 2013.. So my advice is never say never,, and things come to you when you least expect it as this man that came into my life when I really wasnt looking for him,,just friends to ride/camp with. I am truly blessed,,hope everyone finds their soulmate in life.
Member: queenoftheranch
Thursday, September 27, 2012
Followed my dreams across the ocean
I´m so thankful for meeting the love of my life on here on ES. I´m a Swedish girl that nowadays is married to my Mr.Right, a Cowboy in California. This summer (2012) our first baby girl was born. I never been happier in my whole life. We have a ranch (or actually three) in Northern California. I write a blog about our life and adventures there. Feel free to join us:

Member: theenglishlady
Thursday, September 06, 2012
Never say Never
I was always rather sceptical. I had made some good friends online here. However in January of this year I met my match. I was in colorado and he was in Texas. I ended up moving out to Texas and spent the summer and ended moving out here.
We are truly blessed
Member: ladycutter
Tuesday, August 07, 2012
Married and in Love 10yrs Augest 16th 2012
Well on Augest the 16th of this year Curdawg Pete and I will have been married 10 yrs.It does not seem that long it seems like yesterday.I am in LOVE with him even more now and everyday that passes.I wish that everyone could be as Lucky and find their true love as I did.I say never give up you will find your true love and soulmate as I did with Pete.I Love you Pete forever and always...J
Member: sune2bmyself
Thursday, May 24, 2012
How about a double success story!
I am now engaged (and have been for 2 years) to the Love of my life. I was previously engaged to a wonderful woman who found her Mr. Right here on your site, so I jumped on this site and found my Love. My previous fiance is happily married and has been for a couple of years now, I am currently awaiting for my youngest to turn 18 ( one year and three months away) and I too will be happily married. Thank you for the opportunity to share my life with such a wonderful person. Sites like this specifically directed to conecting people with common intersets is an awsome way to meet people. I know that my previous fiance is very happy alomng with her husband and my fiance could not be happier, as for me WOW I realy was starting to give up after I divorced my wife of 19 years. But I am so glad I did not and things work out the way they have. Thank you again,
Member: vinnette
Wednesday, April 18, 2012
vinnette and moctryboy
I never thought this site really worked until I met my cowboy on this site just under a year ago. Started on here back in 06 in Florida met several nice guys but no real relationship until I moved to Mo and here I found him in 2012. his user name is moctryboy and he is just wonderful. So ladies it might take you several years but just have faith he is out there and I had to wait till I was close to 50 before I found him but so glad for this site. we fell in love and are moving in together this May.
Member: tandie
Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Found my Cowboy!
UPDATE>>> I found my cowboy. A wonderful man that I have met on here! Cowgirl smiles to all and good luck to everyone in there search.
Member: prancingbaypony
Friday, January 06, 2012
Married in Vegas at the NFR!
Prancing and Mulepacker were married at the NFR Dec 2011!

" I want to thank ES for helping us find one another. Art is the real deal, an honest, beautiful man who is comfortable with who he is, and has the kindest heart one could ever find.

Your site changed our lives in such a wonderful way. Happy Trails to you all, and never stop believing in love. "
Member: denimgirl
Friday, January 06, 2012
CLOP59 & Denimgirl Married!
Just wanted to let you know of another success on ES! CLOP59 and Denimgirl started chatting on ES in November of 2010. We met in New Mexico in May of 2011, and after a wonderful whirlwind romance, we married on September 23rd of 2011! He is everything I ever hoped for,and then some! Thank you ES for helping me to find the man of my dreams!
Member: farmgirl95245
Wednesday, January 04, 2012
A baby girl!
I would like to say that dreams do come true, I never thought there could be such an amazing man in my life and we are having such a great time together. Im so glad I was on this site unless "we" would of never have had a chance to meet each other.

Things are going great for us :-) we had a baby girl on June 19, 2011 (((Fathers Day))) Tim couldnt ask for a better fathers day gift than his baby girl Allyson.... Its his first baby... Anyways we are hoping to get married this Sept 2012 along with going elk hunting in CO to his favorite spot there. SOOOOO its a wedding/hunting trip!!!!

I cant thank you ((ES))enough for this site, unless we would of probably have never met each other to build this wonderful life together.

Tim your my soul mate, my best friend, a wonderful father... Love you

Thank you all for the posts too :-)
Member: prancingbaypony
Tuesday, November 01, 2011
Soul Mates
Just wanted to share our happy story with you all. I joined ES in the fall of 2010. Mulepacker contacted me in November and we started talking through email. We decided to meet a few weeks later, and discovered we had so much in common. We have been together ever since. We live 2 1/2 hours apart, but see one another as often as we can and talk on the phone every day. In June Art got down on one knee and proposed. (Yes there are real gentlemen still out there!) I said yes of course! Before Art and I met I was at a point in life where I knew not every one was fortunate enough to meet their one true love, their soul mate, and thought I might never meet that person. God blessed us both. I have never felt so content, happy, in love, so blessed. We are getting married during the NFR in Vegas. Unfortunately we will be going home on the 9th so will miss the ES party. I want to thank ES for helping us find one another. Art is the real deal, an honest, beautiful man who is comfortable with who he is, and has the kindest heart one could ever find. Your site changed our lives in such a wonderful way. Happy Trails to you all, and never stop believing in love.
Member: footloosecowgirl
Tuesday, October 11, 2011
I'm Getting Married
I will be married this Sat. 10-15-2011, so I won't be needing this sight anymore.
Member: sweettexascowgirl
Monday, September 26, 2011
Sweettexascowgirl and Wrangler20X
Just a quick note to thank ES for finding me the love of my life when I wasn't looking for anything but friends. And friends we started out as a year and a half ago. Saturday, September 24th, my dream cowboy made me his wife. Just goes to show that we find what we need when we aren't looking. I thank God every day for him and will spend the rest of my life living and loving with my best friend. Never give up...you never know what is around the corner. Happy trails,
Member: rocketjp3
Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Wedding Bells
On Sept. 12th rocketjp3, aka "The Old Rancher," successfully rounded up that sorrel filly known as "Walkabout." We met on Equestrian Singles in May of this year, and have been pasture mates and soulmates ever since. Our herds have also been successfully mixed, giving us eight good options for happy trails together. We will submit pictures when the cross-country trek to the River Rock Ranch is completed next week.
Member: singlefilly
Sunday, August 28, 2011
Many years ago On Es I met a Man stationed in Iraq.. we started talking on here it was love after that.. actually was featured in a horse magazine of a valentines day love a article ES wrote . Due to circumstances it ended and life got in the way and although we knew one day we'd be back together we went on with our lives. We kept in touch with email and or a call now and then. he being In WV me in Florida.. 5-6 years past and alot has changed in our lives.. we reconnected and I flew up July 4th and stayed a week and met his family and was a very wonderful trip. He then drove back down here and met mine. we knew it was going to last . It was a perfect time in our lives Now. I have since went up and he and his family met me at airport and he got down on his knees and proposed . I said Yes!
Wedding date will be mid October then Plans to relocate my farm to His West Virginia farm will follow. We would Have Never met without ES.. he was in IRAQ and Me In Florida.. whos to say a true deep love isnt worth waiting for.. we are complete now and have the same dreams and values as each other.. we are so thankful for ES.. karen and Charley ( farrierhorsefly)
Member: kimber463
Monday, May 16, 2011
Kimber463 and Michael
On 2/19/11, I married my best friend. Although we didn't actually meet on ES, we met through an event that I attended with other ES Members. It just goes to show, it may not be the person that you meet on line, but just getting out there gives you much more of an opportunity to meet that right person than just sitting at home.

Over the past 6 years, I have met so many great people on ES that Michael and I are proud to call "FRIENDS."

Never lose hope that you will find your true love.
Member: johnwaynetoo
Tuesday, November 23, 2010
engagement to be married
lkwhtexan (KAREN)and I (RON) met on this site in Feburary of 2010, started e-mailing and then phone conversation with a meeting in Ft. Worth for lunch.
We have been together every since with an engagement in August and we are to be married on Feburary 12th, 2011.
at the Open Range Cowboy Church.
God has blessed us with finding one another in the golden years of our lives, she is an angel.
We have several head of horses that keep us young at heart and on the move.
My sincere thanks and gratitude goes out to Equestrian Singles for being a large part of us finding one another.
I want to thank Gwenn Elliot for Karen's encouragement to use Equestrian Singles.
Life has a whole new meaning as we move on to the next chapter of our lives.
Member: razorback1954
Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Roy met his Dale
We talked for a couple of months. Decided to meet at my house,,I know the big taboo meet in a public place. I don't know we just hit it right off. We talked, walked, ate, laughed,, oh my goodness we laughed. I tell him I fell in love with him that day. We tried to protect our hearts but it was just meant to be. We have all these future trail rides and trying to figure out how get married and live together forever. I love that old guy. HE puts a smile on my face and a ring in my heart.
callie and tim
Member: davidinbend
Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Laughing and Loving, Life is Good!
Thank You ES, for introducing me to the love of my life. From the start our profiles matched and when we met it was love at first sight, our hearts matched as well. Christy (scoutaround)and I are to be married in January. Thank you again. Life is good!
Member: ncolohrsluvr
Monday, July 26, 2010
We got married!!
I joined a year ago and spent quite a bit of time in the chat room getting to know some of the members. I met Dennis (Whatever)in there, we proceeded to date and then moved in together. While we did split for a while, we have found each other again and just recently got married. I do want to thank ES for that opportunity.

You never know when you might meet the right person, sometimes you don't even realize it right away when you do. It just goes to show that perseverance can pay off. While it took him some time to convince me that this was right, I am now hooked and intend to live happily ever after. Or our version of it, at least!
Member: smurph
Tuesday, June 29, 2010
"The Love Connection"
I came on this site almost 30 days ago. Just looking for conversation and to see what was out there in the cowboy cyberspace !!! It has been awesome !!! The most fun I've had in any 30 period of my life !!! What a fantastic website !!! I have met someone on here that I feel holds real possibilities for being the man of my dreams...we'll see !!!! Could never have found him any other way !!! I will give you updates on this connection that we have found !!! This was an amazing experience !!!! Sharron
Member: allie09
Monday, June 28, 2010
Texas girl finds love in....AUSTRALIA!
I joined this site with a broken heart and no expectations. Soon after I joined I caught myself browsing through the fellows profiles. I kept seeing guys who had horses, or showed horses...but no ranchers, no trainers, no one who rode everyday...until I ran across aussiecutter. Rancher, trainer, good looking and sweet what more could a girl as for right? I liked him from the start, until I saw where he lived...in Australia, WAY too far away. I emailed him anyhow thinking maybe we could swap training tips or he would just be someone I could talk horses to with! Well let me tell you from the first moment he called me darlin' i knew he was the one. We have been talking for four months now and I am moving to Australia on August 4, 2010 to be with him. He is the best thing to ever happen to me and we are so much in love. I could not have asked for a better man and I am forever in debt to this website! I feel like $40.00 a yr is too cheap! Thank you thank you thank you! I love him more than anything and we absolutely can not wait to start our lives together! Who knows maybe I will send another update telling you our marriage date! Again thank you so much. This site is truly one of kind!

Again thank you!
Member: dakotamoon
Friday, May 14, 2010
My happy ending
I have met the Love of My Life!!! I want to let all my wonderful ES friends that the wedding date is set for December the 4th of this year, at the Parrie Haynes Ranch,in Killeen ,Tx. I didn't meet David on ES, but I believe that the lifelong friends I made thru ES gave me the support and encouragment I needed to get back into life!! That has meant the world to me!!
Terri/ Dakotamoon
Member: stargirltoo
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Happily Ever After...Horses Included:)
We wish to thank everyone at Equestrian Singles for this unique place to meet. Both of us lead an exciting life that was very full already with career, children, critters, rock climbing, and workouts. To have a way to look for friends/partners/riding buddies/lifetime mates in the only time either of us were sitting down-LOL worked like a charm for us! We were married March 28th 2009, and are off on another adventure- but now- never to do it alone again. Best wishes to everyone who is seeking to have someone special in their lives!!
Happy Trails,
Stargirltoo and Gunny
Member: zuzzi (Hungarian translation for Susan)
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
I met the Love of my Life,
I first became a member on this site in February 2009 and came across Espriva shortly after. You know how sometimes life is just leading you in the right direction and you follow...well that is what happened. I was attracted to Glen's profile because he told me what he wanted and did not want, we had a lot in common and mentally he challenged me. We had long talks about life and what we want to do and be. He is a man of his word, always made sure I felt safe talking on the phone and meeting for the first time since I am from Alberta,Canada and he lives in Minnesota US. We both had to get a better long distance plan to reduce the cost but it was worth it. I went through a horrific tragedy in my family on April 10, 2009 and Glen was there for me... he had my back. The first time we met was after talking by emails and phone calls for over four months and becoming great friends. I flew to Thunder Bay, Ontario and he drove up from Minnesota and we met in the Thunder Bay airport... the spark was there for sure!!! We could barely keep our hands off each other. My friends and family were so worried but I new I did not need to be scared, I was just excited to meet my this man for the first time who had become my friend and find out if the attraction I was feeling could be something more. Glen was everything I thought he was and more. We have visited numerous times and met each others family and friends. I am making plans to move to Minnesota in the near future to be with my love and share in our mutual dreams. Thank you to ES I would have never met "The One" if this site had not been around. To all of you ladies that want to give up on meeting the right man and falling in love, it is possible to have a long distance relationship and find love so do not give up!! Take that risk... "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all". Cheers, Sue (Zuzzi)
Member: stargirltoo
Saturday, March 20, 2010
The Date is set-Yeehaw!
I just wanted to tell all my friends here- that the date is set for two best friends to marry- March 28th!
Thank you to everyone for all the well wishes and encouragement! I met many a fine character with whom I wish to keep contact ( and what an easy place to find you- right here!) I only had my menbership 3 months when we met- those odds are great, right? Don't give up, or give up ( or settle for less) than your dream- it can truly happen!!
Hugz n smiles!
Member: grilrancher307
Sunday, January 03, 2010
never to old for romance and happiness
Just thought Iwould let you all in on our happiness sandhillcowboy and I have hit it off just great we have alot in common. He truley is a cowboy he has been helping me with a problem horse and has been perfecting my mares reining. Don't know about marriage yet be we are talking about it, both of us want to take it slow.I have had a great deal of sadness in my life and he makes me laugh all the time. thankyou for this site don't give up your search there is someone out there for you,
Member: rd1965
Thursday, December 31, 2009
It's 'bout durn time.....
....that we let y'all in on our little secret. Canvasbck and I are both private folks and I guess we kinda rode off into the sunset without sharing our good news with the group. Canvasbck and I met on this site, tripped into friendship and then fell flat on our faces in love. We were married in April of 2008 and I can't belive how the time has flown or how blessed we are to have found each other.
Member: blkandwht
Saturday, December 26, 2009
My true love..Steveo
I wrote and spoke to Steveo (Steven Mc Coy) some time before we met. In a short time we became best friends. We had everything in common, we laughed so much together. Steveo, Mick to me, had a heart of gold, was so intelligent, sensitive, funny, giving, helpful, caring. I could have asked for nothing more. We had reached the point of knowing we were to be forever. Our relationship was cut short on Dec 7 2009. He was so excited that he bought me an old tractor..he said it was the cutest darn tractor in the whole world. He had told my family at Thanksgiving that some guys give thier gals roses but he gives his manure spreaders which he gave me a 100 yr old spreader. Mick, Steve Mc Coy, died when his car hit black ice and spun out of control..it should have never happened. I celebrate the time we shared together. There will never be anyone else like him for me. I miss you so much Mick!
Member: bellringer
Monday, November 02, 2009
I found my cowgirl with your help!!
I joined this site 6 months ago, within a week I had met 6 people. Little did I know that one of them would be the woman I have always wanted and searched for. We have been together just shy of six months now, separately most of the time because of distance and current commitments. But, within 18 months we will be together forever as we both hope. I have recommended this site to many of my friends. Thank you for the chance and hope you have given two peoples lives, we never would have met without this. I wanted to send this mail today, as my subsciption expires tomorrow. Good luck to you and thank you. Bellringer of the Farcs sends his best, see you on the trails!
Member: qtrhserider
Friday, September 25, 2009
Qtrhserider and Slidnrider
On Feb 8th 2008, I received an email via this site from Slidnrider in NJ. She started off by saying she realized I was 700 miles away but my profile stated I liked to travel. Deb invited me to read her profile and respond if I was interested. I did respond, and the rest is history as they say! Deb and I were married Sept. 19th, 2009 on the beach of one of North Carolina's barrier islands, in the company of a few friends and the wild horses that inhabit these islands. Thank you ES!

Mike in NC
Member: wytexas
Wednesday, August 19, 2009
If you're not looking, it will find you!
I just want to thank ES for having a great site! This is my second time joining and I was very doubtful this time. I was more interested in meeting new people to talk too than finding the "right one". Well, I have found "the one"! That took me by surprise! ncha91 and I have such a connection(semicolon) it is such a great feeling for us both! After numerous emails and hours of phone calls(semicolon) we finally met in person. We both knew we have not made a mistake joining ES! We are taking our time, but we are making future plans together! Thanks again ES!
Member: canadiancowgal
Thursday, August 06, 2009
Do wishes come true?
It is true they can come true, wishes that is.... One Canadian Cowgal had hoped to meet a good old Canadian Cowboy and she did. At last her and Mr. Reelracer99 are together, even though at one time they lived 1000s of miles apart, and life is good for them both now...well it's even better than that, but hey who's bragin!! We are no longer on this website, as for us it did it's job, we would not have met without this site, happy trails to the rest of you and we hope you find true love and happiness as we have....

All the best,
Russ and Marnelle
Member: canadiancowgal
Monday, June 29, 2009
Thank heavens for this site!!
Thank you for the Equestrian Singles site, it has provided us with an opportunity to make friends and meet new people. It was just over a month ago that reelracer99 and canadiancowgal first emailed each other, then there were more emails to follow, many, many more, pages in fact...LOL ! Then the phone calls, many of those and hours long...I think we own half the phone company now....LOL!! Then text measseages...whew, we talked lots! We put all our cards on the table, all our likes and dislikes, wants, needs, lots of open, honest communication.... After a month of this Mr. reelracer99 flew from BC to SK to meet the canadiancowgal on her home ground, June 24, 2009. We had four days together, there was lots of laughing, riding, and late night talks...Wow it was great!! We plan to stay in touch and Mr. Reelracer99 is looking at relocating to SK in 4 to 6 months. We are attending a big horse show together the end of July 2009, as the canadiancowgal's daughter shows three horses, and the canadaincowgal will also fly to BC to watch reelracer99 rodeo some this summer too. Can that man throw and rope and heel a cow!! Well, he has thrown a lope over this cowgals heart and she has NEVER been so happy, we have so much in common, it is great. We never would have met if it wasn't for this site, thanks again!! We will keep you posted.

A very happy couple,
Mr. Reelracer99 and Ms. Canadiancowgal
Member: kat745
Thursday, June 11, 2009
Hello Equestrian Singles,

I wanted to tell you that your site does work. I had been on your site for alittle over six years and was begining to have my doubts will I ever meet someone around my age. Around Superbowl Sunday of 2008 I decided to renew my membership one more time. I did and met Bryan. We began talking online and then to the telephone. We decided about a month later to meet. I lived in Arkansas at the time and he lived in Texas. We met half way the rest is history. We have been together for a year and half and are both happy. We just got married June 6, 2009. We are still going strong and thanks to you I have found my match and he has too. :)


Member: lettheponyrun
Sunday, May 31, 2009
lettheponyrun and rickd togeather for always
This site brought us togeather, it was love at first meeting and we have been togeather since hello. He moved here to be with me, and it is going on 9 months togeather. We are planning on a wedding in the very near future. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to find each other.
Member: sunsetroper & sevenhorses
Thursday, May 14, 2009
Success Story ~ Part 3 ~ Expecting #2
Sunsetroper and Sevenhorses are expecting their second baby...Boy!! We are very excited! Thank you ES for connecting us and adding more joy (another baby boy) to our lives. =)
Member: horse001
Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Hoborock02 and Horse001 living together
We found eachother on this site and have been together ever since our first date. We just moved in together April 10, 2009 (Mother's Day Weekend), and our kids really get along great and we have so much fun together. We are ready to start planning our future with one another.
Thank you Equestrian Singles.
Member: coolcat
Monday, March 09, 2009
Coolcat and Barnstorm - Gettin' Hitched
To share inspiration that your true soulmate does exist.....

Coolcat and Barnstorm met on this website some time ago and have been inseparable ever since. We can't seem to find anything that is not a perfect match between us - total peace and harmony. We have merged our herds on the same land and even our horses feel the harmony being together.

Soulmates do exist and you can find yours too - never settle for less.

On April 25, 2009, Coolcat and Barnstorm are gettin' hitched. We are so excited to be married and live happily ever after.

The certainty we feel between us comes but once in a lifetime. Best wishes to all of you to find this certainty, and your soulmate in life and on the trail..........life is grand!

Member: maera
Friday, January 30, 2009
Maera meets Sauce68
The Secret: The Law of Attraction and The Magic Of ES!
I joined ES with complete faith that I would meet a special man. Mid December, I spoke words of faith that I would have a date by New Years, and do you know that on January 1st, 2009- I took Sauce68 on a wonderful trail ride on my horses and we have been seeing each other since! There is a saying that what ever you do on the first day of the new year, that you will continue to do for the entire year to come...so I figure this is a win-win situation. I'll either have a year of awesome trail rides, a year of first dates, or better yet- a year with a very special man! THANK YOU ES for fullfilling my life long dream of finding that specail horse lover who is as much into me as I am into him! This is a very powerful dating site and I can not thank you enough for all of the friends that I have made here! Luv at first site? You bet!!! It can happen... I will keep you posted, as I say with faith again, I have met the man of my dreams!!!!!
Member: ridingndancing
Thursday, January 08, 2009
ridingndancing & badgerhawk
For those of you who wonder if you'll ever meet who you long for - this is to encourage you to not give up. We have found each other and we connect on every level that there is...each day there is more to celebrate. Thanks To ES for bringing us together and thanks to the Creator for arranging it all.
Member: badgerhawk
Thursday, January 08, 2009
badgerhawk and ridingndancing
What a Godsend. I had given up on finding a lifepartner, and I had accepted the fact that friends was all I was going to find. And, I did find some wonderful friends that gave me longlasting friendships and memories. But . . . without expecting it to happen, the most wonderful woman of my life dropped me an email one day, and my life hasn't been the same since. We're on a path of discovery and happiness. Every day is better than the day before. There's no telling where this is going to take us, but I'm in it for the long ride. Thank you for helping us find eachother.
Member: coolcat
Tuesday, December 09, 2008
Coolcat and Barnstorm - the match of a life time.
A successful story indeed.

Coolcat and Barnstorm met on this website and are a perfect match. We are now planning the rest of our lives together. True love and never ending.

Thanks to ES this was possible. To all you other members: the moment you feel you will never find your true match, they do arrive and life becomes incredible.

Good luck to all of you and I hope you have the good fortune we have found together.

Happy Trails to never end!
Member: westernroads
Thursday, October 16, 2008
I am very excited to share the good news, that I have met the most wonderful man through this website.
His profile captivated me from the very start back in May of 2008. What really got my attention were his words "honour & integrity are riches I have always cherished to cross over with" - Not to mention his good looks!

The whole idea of being on a dating site is to meet "the one" and I've done just that. I am beginning a new chapter in life and doing what I was born to do. There comes a time in everyones life, when you just know when something is right for you.

We made a connection with each other and knew that it was impossible to walk away from. By the time October rolled around, he rode in on his horse, dropped a loop on me back in BC and moved me out to the Wild Rose Province of Alberta. Now we begin living the life we've both always dreamed of.

Don't ever be discouraged and don't ever give up, because that special one who has the same heart as you, is waiting around the next bend in the road.

Equestrian Singles is one of the greatest avenues to meet someone of like kind. There are so many wonderful people here and I've been privileged to get to know some of you. Thank you ES for bringing Bushman and Westernroads together - You facilitate our hearts meeting. We are so excited to start our journey.

Member: nbhacanchaser01
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Good things come to those who wait!!
Thank you ES from the bottom of our hearts!! Scott and I met on here the beginning of last year and it was an instant connection.. However, due to distance we grew apart quickly but finally got back in contact a month ago and have been inseperable ever since..I have actually made the BIG move to Kansas so that we can work on our wonderful relationship together with nothing to keep us apart..We are planning on getting married very soon..This is the happiest time of our lives!! Thank you again ES!!

nbhacanchaser01 & bayrider73
Member: iride2win
Monday, September 08, 2008
Thank You
I want to thank you for helping me to find such a beautiful and kind lady. She's the kind of lady that makes a man want to be a better man everyday. I'm taking my self off this site so I can spend as much time as I can with her.
Thank You, Alan
Member: syrscha
Wednesday, July 16, 2008
True Love
I have to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me to find my true love. Shawn and I met last May on ES. I was ready to give up when my mom saw something on TV about this site and told me to try one more time. So I did, 30 days and that was it. Two weeks in, I saw a photo for a hot guy in a black cowboy hat. So I sent him a message, he replied....back and forth on email for a few weeks, until finally, we made it to the phone. We have yet to have a conversation less then 1 hour. Still, after over a year, we talk 90 minutes or so every night!!.
In Shawn, I found what I had always been looking for, and things I didnt know I needed. He makes me want to be a better person, the kind of person he deserves. We are currently planning our wedding for November 8, 2008 in Nebraska.
I am happier then I have ever been, and I can confindently say the same for him. We know that had it not been for ES, we would probably spend the rest of our lives without each other, without our soul mate. I cant imagine my life without him.
Thank you again, from both of us!!!
Tara and Shawn (Syrscha and Shawn20)
P.S. Yes, he is wearing the hat in the wedding :-)
Member: sunsetroper
Thursday, July 03, 2008
Success Story ~ Part 2 ~ Expecting
Sunsetroper and Sevenhorses are expecting their first baby...Boy!! We are very excited about becoming first-time parents. Thank you ES for connecting us and adding more joy (a baby boy) to our lives. =)
Member: o0olibelulao0o
Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Long Distance Love
This story starts back in January of 2006. I was fed up with dating all the wrong guys. I started joking with my sister about "my perfect man". I had this idea of what I wanted. down to how I imagined him looking. Later, I saw an article in Horse Illustrated for EquestrianSingles.com and I was very bored so I decided to take a look. Being 19 (at the time) I never thought I would find anybody near my age let alone someone I would be interested in. Low and behold on the second page of my search was Brad85. Who happened to look EXACTLY like my "dream guy", astonished I HAD to send him a message, and not a day later, I had a message back. And so it began. We would talk on the phone for HOURS, about everything. There was one hitch, he lives in Texas and I live in Connecticut. We decided to keep talking and see where it took us. We dated other people, but were always in the back of eachothers minds. We kept in touch for a year and a half. Then I took the plunge. I was a year away from graduating college and I HAD to find out if there was something real between us. So I went to Texas, from the second we met we knew. It was better than we could have ever imagined, it wasn't awkward, we had become best friends, and seeing eachother in person was no different. I left but we talked practically everyday. After a few months we were officially exclusive. I decided I was going to indefinately move down to Texas once I had graduated college. I went down for a visit in February when we had a WONDERFUL weekend full of lovely romantic valentines day fairy tale things. Topped of with a lovely lunch, after the meal he stood up and then got down on one knee. :) It was one of the best moments of my life. Sadly I had to go back up north to finish my last three months of school. But the time flew by. It's now June and I've been living in Texas almost a month now. My future husband and I are completely in love and couldnt imagine life without the other. All thanks to EquestrianSingles.com.
Member: gentlhorsewoman
Wednesday, June 18, 2008
we are together now, thanks to you
Dear Equestrian Singles,

Who would guess that my love of horses would bring me the love of my life? If that sounds corny, that is okay with me. I am 54 years old and have wondered whether having something in common would by itself bring two people together in this crazy world?

Of course I can say that the love of horses alone wouldnt
do it. I can say that after having horses in common, we discovered that we had so much more that we can share. Really it feels like divine intervention. :)

I learned also, that alot of the other things that we tell ourselves we would not adjust to, can be adjusted to, if the right person comes along. We live 170 miles away, and he has three small children! I find myself packing up the car every weekend just about, and cant wait to be there with my new love and his children; knowing that they feel the same way about me!! I sent my horses to his farm ahead of time, and love having them there with him.

Pretty soon, we will all be together!
Again thank you for making this beautiful relationship possible.


Member: jcunningham
Thursday, April 24, 2008
About three weeks ago I met my soul mate on ES. I had almost given up when she rode into my life. She is the most special person in the world to me. My hat is off to ES and I would encourage all to hang in there. Best of luck to you all and to ES. We are riding off into the sunset thanks to your site.
Member: okcountrygirl58
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
My daughter talked me into joining this website because she knew how much I loved horses. I was not really sure what to expect. Within 30 days I had read through dozens of profiles that inspired me to go out and start living the life I had left behind 20 years ago. I bought myself a horse, chatted with a dozen or so nice people on here and then met the person I had longed to be with all my life. I want to encourage you to never, ever stop dreaming, hoping and believing for the person you desire to meet. Have faith and never settle for less!! I hope this will encourage you to never give up!
Member: sunnie84
Friday, March 21, 2008
Thanks ES for a wonderful sight where people of similar interests can go to meet people for friendship, love or just to have someone to talk to. I met the man I now call my husband almost 5 years ago. It started out with a few emails and then alot of long late night phone calls and then we met face to face. We now have a house with 4 horses and a home with 20 acres. Things that both of us have dreamed of. Everything has come together for both of us and we couldnt be more happier. Thanks ES.
Sunnie84 and Painter4
Member: txcowboy54
Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Lucky me

I was lucky, because I met the greatest lady. Now my world is great. Good luck all, hope you have my luck.
Member: catbaloo57
Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Kentucky Cowboy
I met this wonderful man hee on Equestrian Single Oct the 9th of 2007. Wasn't sure about him at first, but kept writing and fell madly in love with this man. We talked on the phone and wrote each other for 2 Months. Since I couldn't get away he was so sweet and came to Florida the last of Nov. That was the time I knew he was the one for me, he came back the last of Dec to live Oaks for a New Years horseride and came on down to where I live until March, Then I will be going to Kentucky to spend some time with him. Next year after my son Graduates we will be tgeather for the rest of our lives. We both are widowers me for 6 years and my man for 3 years. I Love this Man and want to be with him the rest of my life. You will find someone if you open your heart.
Good Luck Catbaloo
Member: cowboyjerrylee
Monday, February 11, 2008
Appygirl and Cowboyjerrylee get together
Appygirl (Catherine) and I lived a nearly three hundred miles apart when we started corresponding through ES in early 2003. We both thought "no way, he/she is too far away". But trips to see my dad in San Antonio mysteriously always took me through Austin, where she lived, only a hundred miles or so out of my way. I asked her for a dinner date, and suggested that I could come through and cook dinner at her place, then head on to San Antonio. She advised me that we were NOT cooking at her place and that, furthermore, we were gong to meet at a public place, a SUSHI restaurant (gag...cowboys don't do sushi). I went (gulp!), we had a great time, and a shortly thereafter she came to Belton to see one of my clinics. The rest, as they say, is history. I moved to central Texas, near Austin, started my horse training and cliniic business all over, and finally persuaded her to leave the big city and join me in the country, where we got married on the ranch we manage together. We are now poster children for ES, I guess, having appeared in Cowboys and Indians magazine and a few other places, giving testimonials for the organization. The important thing is, though, that through this great organization, we cut down on the bull, found out the truth about each other, and found out that love knows no distances. Does it work? Just ask us.

Jerry Lee
Member: trailridingfool
Thursday, January 17, 2008
Western Wedding in Arizona three days before Xmas
Dan and I were married 12/22/07 because of this site. It turns out he has worked in the next building over from me for 13 years....and we didn't know each other. I cannot recommend this way of meeting someone more except a word of warning, do be cautious but it's worth it in the end.

Happily Married in Arizona
Member: flyfisher
Friday, January 04, 2008
"flyfisher" catches "vellv"
Thank you EQ for giving us a site where true love isn't directed to us by some Phd. Two years four months ago, I wrote (vellv) for a 3rd time. Lucky for the both of us, she finally answered me. Within a week, we were both out of cell minutes so we met for the first time. It was love at first sight!! I am proud to say that on December 20th, 2007, I married my best friend and the true love of my life!
We would like to thank all the wonderful friends we have met on this site for being only friends. You all hold a special place in our hearts and memories. To all the members who wonder if true love really exist we say, never give up on your hopes and desires, don't limit the range of your search (10 hr drive on this one), and always remember to be your true self and love will find you.
Best wishes to all the EQ family,
Dan & Vell
Member: sevenhorses
Sunday, November 11, 2007
Success Story
Sunsetroper and Sevenhorses...together happily ever after meeting on Equestrian Singles. =)
Member: rebadeba
Saturday, October 27, 2007
REBADEBA MARRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I know some of you will be shocked!

After more than eight years of being single, I was finally married on October 25th, 2007 to a gentleman I met on this site. We were married with family and friends in a chapel in the mountains of Montana. I have attached some photos to my profile.

I have been a member here for many years and took one year off (2006) after 'dodging a few bullets', lol. Five days after I rejoined (March 5th, 2007) I met the 'ONE'.

He was new on the site and joined for one month at the request of a friend. The morning we first emailed he was going to remove his profile, but circumstances at work delayed it until later that day. He took one last look that evening and I was online. He wrote me on a whim and decided to see if I would write back before he removed his profile. I'm sooooo glad he gave it one more shot!!!

Never give up on here! I first joined in November of 2002 (or was it 2003)? I met many people on this site and was even accused of being a 'player'. There is nothing wrong with holding out for the 'right one' no matter what people may say. It's like looking for a 'needle in a haystack' for some of us.

Now I have the kindest, gentlest, most trustworthy man in the world (in my opinion)!

I wish everyone else the best of luck in finding their 'bliss' too!


Rhonda a.k.a. 'rebadeba'
Member: bigskyarena
Thursday, May 31, 2007
Member: jillaroogirl
Monday, May 21, 2007
Distance doesn't matter.
If someone had said to me I'd be "over the moon" happily married this time last year I would have replied "Yeah right lol". I was putting my life back together after a very messy divorce two years earlier. Horses have always been a comfort in my life so when I found Equestrian Singles I thought this would be a great place to chat with people about something I really loved, even tho I was the "downunder" girl. I travel alot with work as an equestrian photographer and thought that I could stop over in the US and meet some of my online friends if the chance arose.

I met lots of nice folk and one nice quiet guy, Stihl660 last August in chat. We ended up talking online and on the phone for up to 4 hours every day. We had so much to talk about and felt the same way about things.

By late September I knew I had to meet him in Arkansas. I'd also promised another ES friend that I would be at her Birthday party in Texas. In the end, Stihl660 came with me. We both had an absolute ball - Thanks George!!

The rest is history. I knew before I went that this was something special. He told me it felt like I was coming home and not visiting for the first time, and thats what it was. My home. We married before I left in January and he followed me back to Australia for 2 months. We are both looking forward to being together permanently once the red tape is all squared away.

Thank you ES for the many wonderful friends I have made on this site. Many of whom have opened their homes and hearts to me, they are all very special. Thank you for proving to me that you really do NEVER know what's around the corner by bringing the most wonderful man into my life.

Distance doesn't matter - it's your strength of will that counts.
Member: fadingdawn
Thursday, April 26, 2007
True Love and thensome...
Kool2332 (Alan) and I met in one of the chats here in 2003. We hit it off right away and logged alot of minutes on the phones. Verizon said they've never seen such high usage and I said, "They're free minutes, I intend to use them." LOL

We met in March of 2004 & immediately had chemistry. We were already in love by then. We spent the rest of '04/'05 traveling when we could to vitit each other. He lived in MN and I was finishing college in PA.

Post graduation I moved, horse and all to MN. We tied the knot at the hitch'in post Aug. 12, 2006 in our south 40 field.

And now... our first baby is due end of Aug. 2007. We're still very much in love. I guess you could say we're a success :) Thanks for the intro E.S...hard to find your soulmate when he's 1,100 miles away otherwise.

Member: abullard and slinkmg
Sunday, April 15, 2007
We meet again
After briefly missing eachother in college, we began talking on this website only to realize that we had in fact been briefly introduced by a mutual friend a few years before. We realized we had many mutual friends, and had shared similar experiences while in college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. The similar experiences and mutual friends made for a very quick and strong connection. After talking online and on the phone for a month and a half, we were able to meet in person again and found the connection just as strong in person. We now live close enough to spend more time together and it gets better every day. Good luck to everyone else on this site.
Member: equinefine
Thursday, March 15, 2007
Your hands are strong around my back
Your lips are soft against my neck
You press me up against your frame
I know now....I will never be the same

The extreme effect you have on me
You hold my heart, can not breathe
The joys of Jeff, I have now found
In your love....I'd love to drown

Jeff and I lived only 20 miles away...I had seen him before while shopping...but of course never introduced myself.
We are peas in a pod and never thought I would find a man as intense as myself.
Thank you ES....you have completed my life
Jo Ann
Member: zhezahn
Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Zhezahn and NCRebel44: Together Forever
Lonestar’s song, Amazed, says it all:

“Every time our eyes meet,
This feeling inside me
Is almost more than I can take.
Baby, when you touch me,
I can feel how much you love me
And it just blows me away.
I’ve never been this close to anyone or anything-
I can hear your thoughts,
I can see your dreams.
I don’t know how you do what you do,
I’m so in love with you,
It just keeps getting better.
I wanna spend the rest of my life
With you by my side,
Forever and ever.
Every little thing that you do,
Baby, I’m amazed by you.”

ES friends, please celebrate with us as we begin our life together.

Bonnie (Zhezahn) and Kevin (NCRebel44)
Member: coloradoblonde
Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Still Together After Three Wonderful Years!
Thank you ES for providing the place where I met my best friend. I wasn't sure about the whole internet dating idea but decided to try my luck. The first guy that I decided to go on a date with swept me off my feet with a dreamy 8-hour mountain trail ride in the Colorado Rockies. That was three years ago. We now run a ranch taking guests on trail rides and cattle drives that gets us in the saddle 40 hours a week. I love living and working with the man of my dreams and can't believe that it really happened to me. I certainly would never be here if it weren't for ES! Dreams can come true!
Member: admin
Thursday, February 08, 2007
Over 1000+ Marriages and Success Stories!
Below are some of our wonderful success stories and marriages!
Please scroll through the pages to see that ES does work!

EquestrianSingles.com is also proud of being recently publicized on the Oprah Winfrey Show when the founder of the site was interviewed by Oprah!

Oprah embraced the concept of EquestrianSingles.com, saying:

"EquestrianSingles.com... WOW!
Do what you love! ...For people who love to ride horses...WOW!
So you don't have to say do you love horses if you meet there..."

You can go to this link to read more about it on Oprah.com.


Member: mytmamma
Friday, December 22, 2006
mytmamma & easyrider291
Our many thanks go to our Lord for bringing us together! Thanks to ES for a great site and fun chat room where we met. After a few heartbreaks, I had figured on just finding some friends, got back into chat, and yes made the best friends I could have found! We talked online for a few months before going out, and by then I knew I had made a good friend...then we met...wow, how drawn we were to each other immediately! He asked, I said yes, and we got married on Dec. 16, 2006!

Best wishes to all,
Michelle & John
Member: novus
Monday, December 11, 2006
I met the man I've always dreamed of
I had only been a member for a short time. I looked through the profiles and saw one that just blew me away! Everything about him seemed too good to be true. And so handsome! He was in Louisiana, and I in Florida. So I said: "It won't work." Then one day I recieved an email from someone, and when I opened it up, it was HIM! I was so surprised! I responded to his email, and we have chatted nearly every night, and morning. We even talked on the phone. We had so much in common, and we think so much alike. I knew I was in love with him even before we met. 2 months later, I flew to Louisiana and met him! It was love at first sight. He was even better in person. He was the man I'd always dreamed of. I did not think that this dream would ever come true, but it surely did! And now we are so happy and so in love!
Member: reiner27
Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Another success!!
I just wanted to drop a quick note, and say thank you to ES for helping me find the man I was always looking for. I met Teamroper26 in chat one night when I had given up hope that I would ever find anyone. We exchanged email address, and phone numbers. I was living in Illinois and he was in Colorado, but two months after we first talked I moved back to Colorado (I had lived here previously while in college), and two years after on August 26, 2006 we were married on a beautiful mountain top in the Colorado Rockies. I never thought such a wonderful man would stumble into my life in such an unexpected way, and I just wanted to make sure I said thanks for brining us together.

Thank you!!
RJ and Becky
Member: wahneetah
Sunday, November 19, 2006
Another ES.com Successful Match!
Chatted from Georgia to Texas, July 2005
Met in Austin, Texas, August 2005
Engaged @ 6666 Ranch on Memorial Day Weekend 2006
Married Labor Day Weekend 2006 on a horse ranch in Bastrop, TX!
Ponderosa(Charter Member-Sept 2001)
Wahneetah(Member-Feb 2004)
Wed September 3, 2006!
We're now living in West Texas!
THANK YOU, Equestriansingles.com!
Member: Nevada
Thursday, August 24, 2006
Nevada & Mustang0069
We met three years ago - September 2003 - he moved all the way from Ohio March 2005 - still together and still in stride. :D
Member: Just a ES friend
Sunday, August 13, 2006
Made lots of friends if nothing else
This is a wonderful site to meet new people......I hope everyone has the great luck I found meeting people........and hopefully there will be happy trails ahead for everyone
Member: admin
Monday, July 10, 2006
ES Celebrates 1000 Marriages
EquestrianSingles.com is proud to announce thousands of unions and marriages as a result of our website. There are also more engagements and current wedding announcements on the message board under the "Engagment/Wedding Announcements" category. Under "Member Get togethers" you can see the friendships that have developed in our community. You don't have to be logged in or a member to read the message board. Enjoy our success stories!
Member: countrymomma
Thursday, June 29, 2006
i found a true best friend
i joined the site back in december and had no intentions of meeting anyone as i was dating someone at the time. i was just looking to meet people of the same interest as me. well i found my best freind -bigmaverick-. we started off on the wrong foot and hated each other and then we dicovered we had alot more in common then we thought. we talk every chance we have and truly love each other.i am happily married and would never trade my husband for the world but i have found a soulmate in the form of a friend. love doesnt always have to be so difficult. although we may never meet we will alwasy be best of friends. thanks es and thanks big i luv ya
Member: jerzycowgirl
Tuesday, May 30, 2006
walked thru the fires of hell and found love
I met rodeochamp2002 in december 2005,he was the reason I joined. I seen his pic and bio and just had to give it a shot. Turned out the timing was right!! We met Jan 1,2006 before he left for Iraq. We fell in love the first time we met. As soon as he planted that kiss on me when I got out of the car I knew I was done for. And he felt the same way. I never felt so connected to someone. We are getting married in July 2006 when he is on leave for 2 weeks and we are going to start a family as soon as he gets back for good. Even after a horrible marriage I never gave up hope!! That there was someone for me. Never give up!! And if you meet that someone that makes your heart sing, ask any and every question. That is the only way to find out if they are truly the one. Love at first sight does happen!! And when it happens with your bestfriend and lover, it just can't get any better then that!! Thank you ES!! I've never been happier!!
Carol and Woody
Member: txcountrylady
Monday, May 29, 2006
July 1st is the day
I had been a member of ES for 3 years when I met Startncolts in chat. I was not looking and there he was! We chatted for a couple of weeks last June and started talking on the phone. July 21st we met for the first time. The sparks flew...we knew in our hearts that this was it...just had to convince my logic..lol. We did the long distance romance (Oklahoma/Texas) for 4 months. In October, he came to Texas...proposed and we are getting married here at our place on horseback. We are very much in love and are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together! Thank you ES and good luck to those who are looking...it will happen when you least expect it!!
Karen and Jack
Member: rojo15
Monday, May 22, 2006
Married and Expecting!
We just wanted to thank Equestrian Singles for bringing 2 horse people together. After meeting on the site in June of 2005, we have been inseperable every since. Andy and I were married on New Year's Eve and are now expecting our first child in September. Our horses get along great and our lives couldn't be better. Go ahead and delete our profiles! Vtpatch and Rojo15 are off the market and couldn't be happier to not be single and looking! For those of you still searching...don't stop. Mr. or Mrs. Right is still out there and waiting for you. Andy and I have both had wonderful experiences here and highly recommend it to anybody interested in good, down-to-earth people who love their animals and want to share that with someone.

Thank you
Kelley and Andy
Member: rancher2
Monday, May 15, 2006
I was on this site looking for like minded folks to share the cowboy lifestyle. I didn't really think I would find the woman I had looked for all my life. I had pretty much given up on that happening. Matter of fact I had given up on ever finding a woman I would want to marry.
Then in walked an angel and she was the stuff cowgirls are made of. We discovered a kindred spirit that is so very hard to find. So on April 28, 2006 we eloped. Ran away and got married and I don't think either of us could be any happier.
Member: cocountrygrl23
Friday, May 12, 2006
Best Friends
Who knew that four years ago I would meet my best friend. Its crazy as we have never met in person as we live across the country from each other. But we have kept in touch through e mails and mainly phone conversations for four years. Timing is all wrong for a romantic relationship but who knows what the future holds. Thanks E.S.
Member: sunsetboy
Thursday, May 11, 2006
The Boy with the Gift of Gab..and the Songs ;)
Well my success story here on ES..started some two years ago..I was looking for a place to talk..and share my love horses..and that place was here..I have since moved on to other things in my life..but will always remember the good friends I made here on ES..good luck to all of you..I hope you are as happy as I am..;)
Member: txctrygal
Thursday, May 04, 2006
Two trails become one
We met in 2004
Started dating in 2005
Getting married in 2006

Mine and John's trails will becoming one on Nov.4th 2006 for on this day I will marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, Love.

John (aplover7),
I promise that I will ride beside you (not in front or behind you) through trails along the way. We'll become sunsets where other skys are gray. I make to you this promise we never more shall part. Simply bring your courage and I will bring my heart.

Member: guitarpicker
Thursday, April 20, 2006
One More Try...
I rejoined ES for one reason...after seeing the picture and profile of a most special woman, I was inspired to give it one more try...I rejoined so that I could write to her...they rest as they say is history...
We have embarked on a wonderful romantic adventure, which takes us from NW Colorado to New Mexico...How very nice it has been for both of us...
Many thanks, Guitarpicker and Lolita
p.s."Love is just two dreamers, dreaming...
the exact same dream..." Michael Franks
Member: 1tuffhorsecooki
Saturday, April 08, 2006
Thank you ES
The wedding announcement will read;

"On the trail of life, fortunate people will meet their best friend.

The very fortunate ones will get to marry them....."

"On this date, I will marry my best friend"

1tuffhorsecooki and sdwmstng send their thanks!
Member: rcredbartender
Thursday, April 06, 2006
Met through Equestrian Singles. Engaged, and planning the wedding soon, who knew life could be so good!
Never knew what true love felt like, Until now.
Utmost thanks to the Lord above for allowing us to find each other.
Member: romeo
Saturday, March 25, 2006
found her
i found her thanks es
Member: lonedove
Saturday, March 18, 2006
Best two years of my life!
Two years ago this month I met my darlin' in the chat room. I just wish it had not taken me forty five years to find him. Today we are in love as much as we were the first time we met face to face, evan more. Although we were from opposite sides of the earth, distance could not keep our hearts apart. We married eight months after we met and spend as much time in the US as we do in Australia. I love you my darling Captainhollaway and thank you for being everything you said you were, you are still my heart and my life. And Thank you ES for providing such a wonderful service with quality people.
Member: nmhrsmn
Saturday, March 18, 2006
True Love & Incredible Connection
I met the love of my life on ES, thank you. We started e-mails in January of 05, and met in February of 05 (we were together for Valentines Day). Our trails parted for a time, but our love and incredible connection prevailed. We are together again, and very much in love. There are many quality, genuine people on ES, good luck to all and thank you ES VERY much.
Member: cavalry
Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Still going strong
Hey friends, Feb 26th 2006....came and went, thats the 2 year anniversary for kattzz and me, been around this ole world more than once and lived my life the best I could have, and I tell ya this.....life never began till I met this woman. It's easy for me to say she's the center of my world, her smile still spins my head around. Thank You ES for providing this service....Hats off to ya.
Member: suzi2
Thursday, January 05, 2006
Chapter 1 ..US~Canadian "connection'
I decided to bite to bullet and become a member back in October 2005, never REALLY thinking much of it..After many emails from various members, I received a short email from a very special "cowboy"..we bantered back and forth and eventually spoke for the first time about about a week later..WELL, since that first 4 hour call we haven't missed a day of talking..We have yet to meet, but honestly it just seems like a formality now...I know he is a very special person I will have in my life and heart for a long time..we definately have a connection going! With both our lives being alittle hectic he will be coming out the beginning of February to spend some quality time with me...
Thank you EQ for your site and making it possible for us to actually "connect"..I will definately update with chapter 2 once we actually get together..
And "thank you" my Colorado cowboy for taking a chance and sending me that first email, we may be far apart right now, BUT...You are never out of my thoughts, and my heart feels like it beats just a little quicker because of you.Could it be that sledge hammer you were talking about?? *wink*
Member: cowgilinheaven
Monday, November 21, 2005
Mi Vaquerro (my Cowboy)
I wanna say thanks to Equesterian's. Before I found this site and even after finding this site and being on here off and on for about a year, I was beginning to think I was meant to live my life alone just enjoying my passion for horses and riding. On November 3, 2005 I thought I would run through the site one more time and take a look to see if there was anyone new here. I ran across this profile that really intriged me. I sent him an e-mail and he sent one back as well saying "you intrigue me lets talk"

He lives in Lockheart Texas and me in Cypress Texas. We talked a couple days on the phone and on comp, he sounded almost to good to be true. I felt like I was in a fantacy world and this was just a dream . Then he made the trip here to me and we spent the weekend together. He was everything I wanted in the man to be by cowboy, my soulmate, my best friend. It was like we had known each other forever. I have been afraid of the word love and commitment for a long time and would always run when someone tried to get to close to my heart. Im not running from this one and I can actually say Im not scared anymore. Ive had alot of guy e-mail me even guys who were not into horses and ones who had money and fine cars. I was not going to settle this time. I knew what I wanted out of life and thought if I never found him I would die happy with my Horse and kids and not have any regrets. BUT yes I found my Mi Vaquerro ( my cowboy) and I couldnt ask for anyone better. This one I have to thank God for as well, yes I prayed alot for God to find the one for me and to that I say Thank You God. He makes me laugh, he likes so many things that I do, we have so much in common down to liking ketchup on his meatloaf, lol but most importantly he was on a mission to my heart and didnt give up..

Dannyboy this is what I have to say to you and you will know what I mean when I say this. DITTO your mission is complete and so is my life.

Mi Amore
Member: vellv
Tuesday, November 01, 2005
E-Harmony who?
Thanks to ES, I've met a great guy (Flyfisher)who definately has my attention. He drove all the way from Arkansas to Austin, Texas just to take me to dinner. Our first date lasted for three hours and our second is going on three weeks.

It is such a blessing when two people totally connect. I'm a very happy and lucky woman.

Due to the high standards and committment ES has for their members, I have met some incredible people. I want to thank each and everyone of you for your friendship.

I recommend any single, professional who wants to meet quality people to give Equestrian Singles a try.

Please keep in touch and my God richly bless you.

Member: flyfisher
Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Cowboy and Indian relations!!
Thanks ES, you gave me the match I've been looking for! It only took one short 11 hour drive to meet her, but that drive may have been to most important one of my life! God has truely blessed me with a wonderful woman who instantly became my bestfriend! Time is now on our side and we're enjoying every minute of it. We'll keep you updated. Flyfisher
Member: swedishgal
Friday, June 03, 2005
2 souls have become one
A friend of mine at the barn where I have my horse told me about the E.S. site this past winter. Her success story is actually futher down on the page. After hearing her story I decided to join in January 2005. It only took me a litte over a month to find the man of my dreams. We sent the first email on March 3rd, talked on the phone on March 7th and met in person on March 12th.

When I saw him walk up to me with his shy crooked smile in place my heart melted and I just knew that this was the one. After that day we met every weekend. The days we weren't together we talked on the phone for hours every night. I feel that I have known him for all of my life but at the same time I keep discovering new things that I love about him.

On the Friday of Memorial Day weekend he suprised me by proposing to me (when we were out riding in the sunset) and I happily said yes (with my tears streaming down my cheeks). We will get married on October 29th this year and I can't wait to start my life with him. Thank you E.S. for helping me to find the love of my life!
Member: weedman10
Thursday, May 19, 2005
weedman found his love.
i would like to think es for bringing me and my lovely sweetheart.we met about 6 mouths back went out 2 or 3 times and then we havent been apart since.every weekend and when we can we are together.we have fallen in love and look forward to a long and happy life together.THANKS AGAIN E>S>.
Member: runawaybay
Friday, May 13, 2005
Equestrian Singles A Success Three Times Over!
Just wanted to report how blessed our lives are since meeting here. We met back when this site first started, back in 2002. We spent most of that year getting to know each other, and were married in 2003. Since then we have had 2 children and love our lives. Bringing people together who might have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise, is such a great thing about this site. We took our time, got to know each other and now our lives are so blessed.

Thank you ES. We often look at each other and our kids, and are just blown away by our good fortune. Without you I wouldn't have met my wonderful husband and soul mate, and I wouldn't have had these beautiful children.
Member: Slowpoke
Tuesday, April 26, 2005
KSONGRL and Slowpoke were married april 23rd 2005!
I would like to inform you of a sucess story thanks to your web
site. KSONGRL and Slowpoke were married april 23rd 2005. i married a beatiful woman and what turned out to be my best friend. Thanks so much for your service.You may broadcast this over your site.As we are happy and eager to share with others that there is hope. Thanks so much.Carl and Judy White
Member: sunnydeb
Tuesday, March 08, 2005
I would love to thank Equestrian Singles!!!
I would love to thank Equestrian Singles from the bottom of my
heart. My name is Debbie and I became a member back in September of 2004 hoping to find a man with the same interests as myself as well as one who was caring,sensitive,active and family oriented. Well, I found him right almost right away. I live in Florida and he lives in California! After spending hours on the phone and 2 1/2 incredible weeks together, I'm California bound on the 16th of this month to be with Chris, the man of my dreams. We will be married October 1, 2005, our one year anniversary since meeting for the first time. Once again, thank you Equestrian Singles! I'm finally going to ride off into the sunset with my Cowboy
Member: missit
Saturday, February 19, 2005
This is my last day of membership, and this time I really don't think I will have to reregister, so thought I would put this up while I can. I met someone here I really like, and who amazes me so much, he seems to fit so well. I'm willing to go exclusive with this wonderful man in just a short time, and see where the trail leads us. We live a distance apart, but not that difficult when you consider all the places we could have been located. While we actually know some of the same people, and it's possible we had seen each other at rodeos and all, I doubt if I would have met him if it would not been for your website here. Thanks so much! Wish us luck!

Member: cavalry
Thursday, February 17, 2005
Two Eagles
Yellow ribbons came across my screen...compliments of a poem I had written...was just rememberin' a dream.
It was posted on my profile...still is to this day, reckon it summed up everything I thought I had to say.
Two Eagles.....
As the sun peaks over the eastern treeline, an eagle soars as if stopping time. I think to myself, "he's not flying with mate", and wonder if soaring alone will be his fate. Can't dwell on the rest, so I ride to the West, while listening to the birds all around. In awe of the colors, of the wildflowers, with the morning dew still on the ground.
As I ride along, I start singing a song of a love that I hope to find, when a deer jumps out, and spooks my pony, and the words just slip my mind.
It's been a long ride, time to stop for a spell, so I'll get a room here in town, play some poker, dance with the ladies, and throw some whiskey down.
Morning comes early, and the day seems pretty clear, so I saddle up and ride, with the hopes that home will be near.
As I pass through the meadows, with grass reaching to the air, an eagle soaring overhead lets out a scream, I sit there a while, can't help but stare, for somewhere in the night, he found his love, and they're soaring now, as a pair.....
It's been pert near a year since the day Kate took my hand, and the rings that are around our hearts became signified by those on our fingers.
All the times that I've stopped my doings and looked up at the skies, not once have I seen a sunset that matches the beauty of this woman, the life in her eyes.
There's not a day that goes by I don't thank the Good Lord up above...for sending me this Lady so full of fire, compassion and love.
This is our success story....I hope I wrote it to my best....and here one more note of appreciation for the folks who run E.S.
As for me and my better half...we'll be here side by side.
We're not just Two Eagles soaring through this life....we're happily in love, best of friends...Husband and Wife.

Member: writerrider
Wednesday, February 02, 2005
Thanks ES! The Cowboy who Came for Noon Chuck
Valentine's Day came as usual for someone who has been single since 1980 - solitarily. So I started perusing ES. Saw a face and description I liked and wrote him... The
next evening the telephone rang . The voice belonged to "Bradman", a horseman who had retired a few years back. We made arrangements to meet on Thursday. Thursday came and I was running behind, because the colt scratched his nose, the head ranch poodle was puking up grass and my mother called and talked for an hour. I saw a green truck and a nice dress boot stepping out. Emerging was the dapper figure of a fellow looking about 55, with a starched shirt and blue-gold vest. He had a grey Stetson on his head and a happy turn to his mouth.
I sucked in my breath and opened the door.
Blue eyes looked directly into mine. Whooooooosh.
The air went out of me like a mesquite thorn in a bald tire.
That was Feb. 19th, 2004. Folks -- he never left.
What happened is one of those instant "I know this is just right" things. There doesn't seem to be any point to his leaving. We fit together. We love the same things. We like to be together and we laugh a lot together. He helps me on the ranch no end. He's a good hand with a horse. And we fell in love.

Brad is an all round great human being with a great spirit-- he is helpful and fun and spreads happiness wherever he goes. He laughs easily and has brought light and laughter into my life.So this Cowboy lassoed my love late in life. We tied the knot June 5, 2004. Y'all watch out for those cowboys who come for noon chuck and never leave....

Member: crazyoldbroad
Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Love is an Island--er
I'm was lookin' for a Cowboy to get in touch with me
I was lookin' for a Cowboy to see what I could see

I found a strong Spirit that shines through his eyes
and a gentle heart that made me realize

Being alone was no longer fun
And that is why we have begun

To search for a little of life's joy
Oh Lord, Thank You for the Cowboy!
Member: islander
Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Cowboys n Indians do mix!
If it weren't for ES...I wouldn't be as happy as I am right now...thanks guys, I've found my soul mate. And what a crazy old broad she is!
Member: thediamond1
Tuesday, December 21, 2004
thank you e.s.
at the urging of a friend..i subscribed to e.s.....met a wonderful gentleman and we have been together since....again thank you e.s.....we do meet the nicest people here.............
Member: waypoints
Monday, November 29, 2004
Love Words
Newly dating again after the end of a long mismatched marriage, I told my good friend Jim Campbell of Horseman's Radio Weekly that I'd decided it wasn't worth ever getting married again unless it was a horseman. After all, loving horses has as much to do with who you are as a person as it does your leisure time, and either way you look at it, it's hard to connect with a non-horseperson.
Big Jim informed me in no uncertain terms that I needed to join
Equestrian Singles, as it was THE place to meet the kind of guy I'd
always dreamed of.

So I joined, went man-shopping(!), but didn't find anyone locally that seemed like a good fit, even with fairly broad parameters. Faintly discouraged, I looked up the success stories, which universally promoted distance not mattering. So I went with narrow parameters, but said anywhere would do.

Lo and behold, I found a fellow writer and horseman on the left coast (I was on the right) and three months later I 'blew up my life' (his friend's words) and moved to Colorado to meet him in the middle. (This after 189 pages of single-spaced text from emails – yeah, we’re writers! – but only one weekend visit in person) I've always been the sensible businesswoman, and nothing about this has had a whit of common sense about it, but we get happier together every day.

As I’ve been telling my friends, “If I’d known I could order up the perfect man off the internet, I woulda done it a lot sooner!”

Joshua… I admire you, I adore you, I love you. You are the most handsome man I’ve ever seen, but not just because of your outside – you’re even better looking on the inside. You are the love of my life, and I am so blessed to be with you. Holly
Member: wolfgirl
Friday, October 22, 2004
On my way home!
Thanks to ES I have FINALLY met my soulmate and the love of my life. ES was the instrument and we did the rest, so all of you out there that thinks that this is just a "chat room", it is more than that. Have met many wonderful friends, and it really all just depends on what one wants in life .... cause when you least expect it it hits you right between the eye AND DISTANCE DOES NOT MATTER! On Thanksgiving Day I will be going to my home in Australia to my love, Crazyhorse712. One life is ending and I can't wait for the other to begin ... always remember build on a foundation of friendship first and go from there ... builds a very strong house FOREVER! We have been building for almost 2 years now and I could not have found a better mate in anyone ..... WE have it all!
Member: justone
Friday, October 22, 2004
Finally Wed
Felt I had to come back and thank you who run this site for being instrumental in bringing us together in September of 2002. After writing back and forth for almost a month met Heeler 58 in person (for tea) on Monday Sept 23. Talked all week about everything that could go wrong and went out officially the next Friday. With the traveling back and forth between jobs and home, logging at times 1500 miles a week for the almost two years. Finally living with the kids, dogs, horses and training business on the same property. His job now only 60 miles away and business is picking up.
With the highs and the lows of love, instinct, others interference, bad timing, life 101, learning to trust and God's hand in all of this. We will be married this Sunday officially at 7pm Texas time. Once again thank you for helping us find each other several hundred miles apart.
Member: breezy1
Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Railboa and Harleysandhorses
Well, with all the success that's going on around here, I thought I'd add one because I was a Devil's Advocate.

Brad and Nancy had talked for about a week on ES. Brad thought she was a guy since all they talked about was bikes. Me, well, I just kinda came in and checked on them every once in awhile. The kicker is: I never told Brad that Nancy was a woman, eventhough, I knew she was.

Finally, it came time for them to meet up in person. They made arrangements online and when Brad finally found out that Nancy was indeed a gal, he was so embarassed. He apologized profusely for days!

It was either that, the prayers I sent that he'd find someone really nice, or maybe the fact that Brad is a wonderful man that led to them getting hitched at Sturgis this year. They were couple number 111 to wed at the big event. 100,000 of their best friends were in attendance and the groom, ol' "what's-his-name" found the ring at the last minute.

Brad was a lucky guy to have found Nancy, and well, Nance, you coulda done better, but since the Fickle Finger of Fate put Brad in her way, she didn't do too bad.

As for me, well, I was just glad that I could do my part to help my bro and my team penning bud find the gal of his dreams.

Congratulations, guys and I love you both,
God bless you in your future together.
Member: bdusty
Sunday, July 25, 2004
my cowboy
Before I came to this site I was believing that there was really no one for me. I really love my horses and just wanted to find someone with the same beliefs and feelings that I have. I was giving up and then a displaced cowboy from Iowa, who was feeling the same way, thought he would give it a shot and emailed me. We talked on the phone and then met each other and have been going out and I truly believe I have finally met the man to make me happy for the rest of my life. We can make each other laugh and smile and that is so important. I have never felt this way and it is GREAT!!!!

Dont stop believing that there is someone out there for you because that someone special will come along and make all your dreams come true just like my cowboy did.

Love you John
Member: cgrlathrt
Monday, July 12, 2004
At last...
I live in a rural area and joined to meet other people just like me. At first it was just to talk to someone outside of my area. The chat rooms are great fun. Then I received an e-mail from a gentleman who lives about 35 miles north of me. We talked on the phone for a couple of weeks and then went to dinner. What a great surprise. He is truly the man I have been looking for all my life. We have traveled in the same circle of friends just at different times in our lives so we never met each other. We are so happy with finding each other it's a great feeling. We know this is where we were meant to be. We are planning to buy property together so we can share our lives the way it was meant to be.
Thank you.
Member: sporthorse
Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Thank you Equestrian Singles!
I joined equestrain singles over a year ago hoping to find someone in my area that has the same equine obsession as me. I didn't have high hopes as there isn't as many man that ride as there is women. I got lots of messages from men all over the country. Until one day I receive a message in my mail from a local guy. He sounded almost to prefect to be true. It took my a few weeks to get up enough nerve to meet him but once we met it worked out great. We started off just going on trail rides getting to know each other. We had so much in common we had to laugh at times as sometimes we would even say the same things at the same times. Our ages were the same where both had sons close to the same age. Anyway the long of short of it is because of equestrain singles we have made a life for each other. We just purchased a horse property so our horses are with us at home. Life is great!!

Thank you
Equestrian Singles

Ron and Kelly
Member: yourfilly
Friday, May 28, 2004
You can find love here
Thank you ES you have made it possible for me to meet the most wonderful man in the world and fall in Love. It is hard to imagine that people living across the country from each other can find each other and find that they are in fact sole mates! I have met my sole mate and it looks like Cinderella does get to live happy ever after. Thank you again.
Member: newhorizons
Saturday, May 22, 2004
It Can Happen

I am very thankfull for EquestriansSingles! I met the love of my life quite by accident but I believe God had his hand in every aspect of this whole thing,(praise him)! I believe God works in his perfect timing.I am getting married in 2 weeks to the most wonderfull woman in the world! I am very thankfull for this service. It has been life changing for me. I want to encourage everyone to persue their dreams and don't give up hope!

Blessings To All
Member: cathyoconnor
Monday, May 17, 2004
Don't give up......
I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to ES. I have been able to meet quite a few people with some of them becoming really good friends. The only advise I will give is to take your time and to be careful for you are meeting new people and then may not be as then seem.

With being a widow for so long I wasn't sure if I would every meet someone that I would want to devote the rest of my life to, but again, thanks to ES I have met that very, very special person. We were married on May 8th 2004 and are ready to start our new life together. Again, thank you ES and everyone that works there.

P.S. Don't give up there is someone out there for everyone. Just take your time looking for the right one.
Member: paths
Friday, April 30, 2004
We will see
Dear EQ, well I bit the bullet and off to see if my dream comes true with one of your members, we like each other and
we will be together this summer, met him in January after
talking with him for a few months. Your website is the best
one out there and I have visited with several wonderful gentlemen during my membership - there are a lot of nice folks trying to find their soulmate. Thanks, Paths
Member: cntrygrlatheart
Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Never Lose Sight of Your Dream!!!!!!
First and far most importantly, I do thank God for His constant love and guidence!!! I debated on whether or not to even try this sight! I had met several people in the past 5 years, but not one was anything close to what I have always dreamed of having in my life!!! Until now!!! I have finally met the man of my dreams!! He is my soul-mate, and my best-friend!!! We have everything in common with one another. I am sure some of our friends and family members think that we might be rushing in to this, but whom ever said that there is a time frame or limits to any of this? Well, it sure doesn't matter to us. We are just following our hearts. We have both fallen in love with one another and plan to spend the rest of our lives together!! I love you with all of my heart and soul Joel!! I give EQ a huge thanks for providing this site to all of us. It helped my dream come true!!! I wish all of you the best in your search for your dreams!!!!
Member: romeo
Monday, February 09, 2004
i have finally met some new buddies thank you ES for allowing me to meet so many new buddies
like rodeoqueen02 and of course dakota 123
thank you so very much thanks again romeo
Member: tjhooker
Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Who would have known
6 months ago I thought the best I could find was a riding partner. Now we plan on getting married. We would not have picked each other in a million years. Our picker was broken. Thanks to ES, we gave each other a try and its a perfect fit. I plan on being with this wonderful woman the rest of my life. I love you stacy.
Member: andyhorselover
Tuesday, November 25, 2003
The most amazing person!
I wanted to thank ES for giving me the chance to meet someone whom I would have never crossed paths with in everyday life. He lives over an hour away but that doesn't matter. Neither of us were searching for romance but it just sort of happened. We started writing in January of 2003 and met/went riding in February ... we have been joined at the hip ever sense. Not only do we share a love for our children (Human and Equine) but we share a special bond and friendship that I have never known before. I can honestly say I now know what true love and friendship is. I love you Pierre!
Thank you ES.
Member: nmcanchaser
Monday, November 17, 2003
Who would have thought!
Well after a meeting several guys on here that ended up not being what I was expecting and looking for at all and I had just given up on meeting someone through this website I got the opportunity to meet the one guy I'd stayed in contact with for a very long time (after meeting through ES). We had not been able to meet because he is serving in the military overseas and I guess that one of the reasons that I kept talking to him all this time is because he was so far away and that seemed safe. He finally got to take some leave and decided to fly in here so we could spend some time together. I was so excited and so scared because I was absolutely crazy about him over the phone but I just wondered what if we didn't click when we met in person? He assured me that it would be fine and I picked him up at the airport. He and I actually more than clicked, I can't imagine my life without him in it now. I'm flying to Japan to marry him in a very simple very romantic ceremony on the beach in March and we are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. It is a little strange for our friends and family to accept how we met and how strongly we feel for each other but I can tell you now that true love knows no bounds and there are no quotas for how to meet or how many days you spend together, when he's the one you just feel it. Joelgreen I love you with all my heart and I cannot wait to be your wife.
Member: bobbyd
Wednesday, November 12, 2003
a dream come true....
I would like to thank the folks at EQ for providing us with the opportunity to make many good friends here, but to also give us the opportunity to make a connection with someone who can be a dream come true for each of us. I have found my dream come true with you Niki (iwantsum) and I am proud to tell all of our good friends here too. I only pray that anyone else here searching for someone is as fortunate as we've found ourselves to be.
Member: becbec86
Tuesday, October 28, 2003
good and happy........
i want to send my thoughts and prayers out to all my new friends on the net, yes i have met someone special, and we have ben married now for 4 months and are expecting our first baby in july.... i really didnt think this would work but not only have i met my best friend i have gained a lot of good friends thank you all for your conforting words and spirit...god bless...jeff
Member: cacuttincowgirl
Monday, October 27, 2003
No need to renew!
Got a reminder today that I just had one day left, so thought I'd better sign in and type a few quick notes. I too found someone thru ES that I have found a true connection with. Why it took the world wide web to bring two people together that live 15 miles apart is amazing to me! The times we spend together, confirm the feelings I had when we first met. "There's no doubt about it", he's the one!
Member: cowboyjerrylee
Wednesday, October 22, 2003
A happy cowboy!
I want to thank you for helping me find Appygirl, she is more
than I ever dreamed could happen through a service like yours. Partly
through your well thought out profile questions and partly due to her
innate honesty and depth of character, she turned out to my ideal woman,
just as I expected the first time I read about her.
When we met I lived 6 hours away and ours was a long distance romance.
Now, for family and career reasons, I have moved nearer her and we are
able to see each other more often. Perhaps there's a clue to folks
worried about "hooking up" with someone in a distant place.
Appygirl and I aren't planning a wedding yet, but I can tell you that
thanks in part to ES, I found the lady I want in my life for the rest of
my days. Right now we are enjoying each other's company and wondering
what all those folks are doing hanging out in singles bars. Many thanks.

A happy cowboy
Member: kpurpntson
Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Just read it
After reading what cowgirl262 had to say about me I really have nothing to match it, she is a tough act to follow and ohhh is she fun to follow :) She is one in a million and what in the world she finds in me I will never know, I will just thank the good lord that she sees what ever it is she sees and take all the days she will give me, and a few nights too :) I feel like a complete nerd thanking an on-line service for this meeting but you have to give thanks where thanks is due so.... Thank You.
Member: kate2some
Tuesday, October 14, 2003
Thanks ES. I just spent the best days of my life with the man that God meant for me to meet in the first place, I just took the long way about (never was good at directions!). No one could be better for me then John. He is the most caring and loving man I've ever met. After talking on the phone and through e-mail for almost three months we knew each other very well. Meeting John at the airport last Thursday night was like coming home to the one I love. It was never uncomfortable. We were like two people who had been in love all our lives, and just picking up where we left off.
I love you John, and you asking me to be your wife is what rain is to a freshly planted field, you have given me the gift of life with the chance for our love to do nothing but grow. Can't wait to finally be back home in your arms in Montana.
Thanks again ES, I had really just planned on finding a riding partner. Instead I found a partner for life.
Member: appygirl
Monday, October 06, 2003
It works!!!
I joined Equestrian Singles at a friend's urging, and though I really enjoyed browsing thru the profiles, and met a few very nice people, I didn't really believe that I'd connect with someone who would become important to me. But I did after a few months, and I'm still amazed and very happy! We have a great deal in common besides our interest in horses, but that interest is a very strong bonding factor in our relationship and our activities. My cowboy has moved from 5 hours away to 1 hour away from me; I'm helping him manage his horse business; he cooks, and he finds Double D Ranchwear for me at yard sales! We couldn't be happier, or having more fun; but it's proving to be a deep and serious relationship as well. So jump in and take a chance -- and don't be afraid to consider a long-distance relationship on Equestrian Singles -- it might turn into a much closer one! Warm regards -- Appygirl
Member: sthtxtrlrider
Wednesday, October 01, 2003
She's the one
I've been a member for about 8 months now...I've met some really great people....but met the most wonderful woman in the world...it's great to date, but when the right one comes along, you feel it in your heart. The woman I met has melted the ice, and made the sun shine again....words simply cannot explain her....we are to be married Dec, in Las Vegas.......thanks EQ, and please cancel my membership at this time...keep up the good work and god bless.....
Member: giggles
Thursday, September 25, 2003
Best riding buddy ever!
I met Countryboyblues here in March. We have been married since July and we are more in love than ever. We have a great Christian based marriage and love riding together. I can't thank E-Singles for finding my soul-mate. Friends are so amazed when I tell them I met him on E-Singles and a few of my friends have joined E-Singles and are having a blast. Both of us want to say thank you E-Singles for bringing us together and wish everyone else good luck!

Member: brandigirl
Monday, September 22, 2003
Internet love? You betcha!
What a whirlwind......Hubby and I have been married for a week now and have lived together for three months...We really couldn't be happier and realize how fortunate we were to find each other...how great it was to chat in the yellow! Since we've been together we have bought another red dun quarter horse and now we have 4 and only a two horse trailer! So, even though we show every weekend, we have to rotate who we take! That in itself is challenge.....but we are enjoying the horses and each other and look forward to a bright future....And to all the friends I've made here...stay in touch! Love and laughter to all!
Member: stablemindedman
Wednesday, September 17, 2003
Stablemindedman now "Mighty Happy"
Stablemindedman checking in. I've updated my profile and now want to shout from the barn-tops my most amazing experience. I'd subscribed to ES for a few months and chatted with a few different folks. None seemed to work out and I was ready to give up when I recieved one more "Stablemindedman you have mail from Equestriansingles.com". I checked my account and found an email from "Mightyhandy" inviting me to check her profile. We met about a month ago and it was as if I have known her all of my life. Words cannot describe how comfortable we are with each other. It is early but we both have a great feeling about where we are going together. My "single harness days" are OVER and I have met my soul mate. Thanks ES!! To everyone, keep the faith this system does work!! Mightyhandy has a few words to follow. Happy Trails everyone!!

Amazing! Just when you think you will NEVER find that "just right" person, you discover they were living only a few miles away the entire time! Thanks to my first (and last) venture into internet dating with Equestrian Singles (which I did as a flukey study break!), I have found that "just right" man. Similar to many of the other success stories posted here, I've found the man that I've seemed to know my entire life, but have only known for the past month. I'm excited about what the future holds for us as we go down future trails of life together. :) Thank you ES for helping me find my Partner. Happily Signed, "Mighty Handy".
Member: swtnsxycwgrl3
Thursday, September 04, 2003
Married the man of my dreams

Swtnsxycwgrl3 & Harleycowboy
Member: rbd2555
Friday, August 22, 2003
Don't give up
I thought that love was right around the corner and it was. I met her on this site and I'm really happy!! We are in the process of buying a horse farm. Thank you!!!
Member: hrsahlc
Wednesday, August 20, 2003
My Soul Mate
I just wanted to let everyone know that I have found my soul mate and best friend on this site. I had begun to give up on every finding the right man for me, after dating and talking to so many players (some of which were unfortunately on here), I finally found the most wonderful amn in the world...ffinwranglers...we are engaged and planning a jan 18th wedding!!! I have never been so happy in my life, my family loves him also, and always tell him they have never seen me this happy before (except maybe the day they bought my tb for me...lol)...I am so looking forward to spending the rest of my life with this wonderful man....thank you ES....
Member: bootser
Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Love at first site
I was viewing profiles one afternoon and came across amn2paints. I wrote him a short e-mail and invited him to view my profile. That same day he wrote me back and commented on how much we seem to have in common. I was traveling to his state and we decided to meet. I arrived early and was patiently waiting when I heard a Sam Elliot voice say my name. I turned around to see the most georgous cowboy looking back at me. It was truly love at first site for both of us. We have decided to spend the rest of our lives together as husband and wife.
Thank you ES,
Just Married!!
Member: hrslver
Thursday, July 03, 2003
My Cowboy!!
Just about gave up on finding my special someone then one night in the chat room starting talking to someone in there and we ended up talking all night that night and have been together ever since then. To all those still looking don't give up there is someone out there for everyone. Take care and God bless you all...Good luck!!
Member: smartchicolena
Monday, June 30, 2003
finally, true love!!!!!
Just wanting to share my cool story with you. I became a member of this site and starting chating with a "good mormon boy". We would talk for hours and never run out of thing to say, having so much in common. We than knew we had to meet, so Jeremy packed up his truck, grabbed his dog and drove 4000 miles from Southwest Florida to Northern BC!!!!! We are currently getting married Aug 30, and relocating our herd of Quarter Horses to Florida. Thank you for this site and anyone who doesn't believe that true love is out there, trust me it is!!! Jolene
Member: shilo8
Friday, June 20, 2003
Don't give up!!!
I can't believe my luck...right here on ES, I found the most loving, wonderful partner to share life with. I was SO close to giving up on finding true love, when tallgrass e-mailed me. We have found such happiness together, and we will be married in August. He is strong,kind, honest,handsome and all that any girl could wish for in her wildest dreams....this love we have is something I never expected to happen. It's a dream I held close to my heart for years, and it has been fulfilled with him. So I wish you all the best of luck in your own search for love. Don't give up!.. I wanted to let you all know that it can happen to you if you open your heart.
Member: anonymous
Friday, June 20, 2003
A few months ago, I came on this sight deciding wether or not I should go into the chat room. I am always a little hesatant, because the conversations go so fast and I have a hard time following. Well needless to say I did and it was the best decision I've ever made. I met a man that I thought "Yeah right, he's too good to be true" so I went along w/ the converstation we'll one thing led to another and I ended up talking to him on the phone all night. We got together and it was the most magical weekend of my life. He's true to his word, and that's what immpresses me the most. I get butterflies just thinking about him. Things are going good we have several more encounters planned, and I look forward to the future. I want to thank GOD and ES for bringing this wonderful Cowboy into my life...the only reason I'm being anonymous is we'll I just don't wanna jinx anything.. Good luck to you all!
Member: starrycowgirl
Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Prayers can be answered
Thank you EquestrianSingles. Three months ago was the first e-mail from a man who is now to become my husband, hcherokee from Minooka, Il. Words cannot describe the love that I have for this man. We did e-mails for two months, then he drove to Okla. to meet me. He drove ten hours to meet me, then we rode horses for six hours that day. Some close friends of mine cooked dinner for us and that night he asked me to be his wife, and I said yes. Each day we find that we are more in love with each other and share so many of the same intersest and dreams. He is looking for work here and as soon as he does, we plan on setting a wedding date. He plans on moving here and sharing the kind of life that I have always known. We both love horses very much and plan of riding together for the rest of our lives. We have found a home church this weekend and plan of making it a important part of our lives. We both believe that God should be the head of our lives together. So many wonderful times have been shared in these short three months but we are both looking forward to all the days ahead. So don't give up, when you least expect it, love really can happen to you. Thank you for the opportunity to use the Equest.Singles web site., it really has some nice people on it. But only one very special man that will soon be my husband, that I will love always & forever. Thank-You!
Member: minty
Thursday, June 12, 2003
True Love Does Exist!!!!!!!!WoW
How awesome is true love. I now know the meaning of true love and what it is like to be loved with an unconditional, unselfish love. I was begining to think that everyone in this world was just out for self, but I found out that there are people out there that thinks more about the other person than they do themselves. I was hopeless and at the end of the my rope. I decided that it was meant for me to be single and that I should just live with that fact. I gave up, I stopped worrying about finding a mate, I put it in Gods hands. I was happy and content with just hanging with my friends and then one day, out of the blue I came across and advertisment for equstrian singles in a magizine and thought "NO, NO WAY, NO. That's not me. I could never do anything like that." Guess what, I did. I had only been signed up for a few days when the most beautiful, the most intelligent lady emailed me. I was floored. We began to communicate back and forth and then on the phone some and then she came to visit. She was and is a dream come true. I feel in love the moment I saw her and she did the same. Though four hours away we have found true love and embrace each others dreams everyday. We are planning a family togehter now and I can't wait til the day we say "I Do" cause I'm saying a lot more than just "yes I take you as my wife", I'm also saying "I do believe In True Love and you can find it on the internet".!!!!!!!!!!Thanks ES
Member: joelgreen
Sunday, June 08, 2003
Found her
I found her, dont give up dreams do come true. Never quit never give up and God will send your second angel. I LOVE HER.
Member: salena
Thursday, May 22, 2003
Dream come true.
I pretty much stopped coming here due to my being busy all of the time. One day i got rather bored and came in. I saw someone new and thought well hey i'll talk to him, we talked on here for an hour and i asked him to call me, after 6 hours on the phone it was meant to be. Now we talk everyday for atleast that and are going to move in together, thank you so much! and good luck to everyone!
Member: jusacountrygirl
Friday, May 16, 2003
I just wanted to let you know that your site is terrific! I started talking to this guy theduke and one thing lead to another and we are engaged to be married in Oct. I have honestly met my soul mate--my best friend. Thank you!
Member: midwestcowgirl
Tuesday, May 13, 2003
The best way to tell our success story is to simply type "MAGIC." This one little word says a lot about us. What we have found in each other is exactly what we both have been searching for. The best part about us is that we are best friends. There is such a overwhelming connection. We finish each other's thoughts... answering a question sometimes before the other asks is. We give each other butterflies so bad we can even feel them when we're just talking on the phone. The knowing that just looking into the other's eyes we thought; ahhh, there you are... where have you been for so long? We look forward to each and every discovery we will make together and we cherish all we have already shared. We are thankful to have had this site ES. It has helped bring two people together that really needed each other. Two people who were meant to be and who will love one another for the rest of their lives. THANK YOU, Chuck and Wendy
Member: Westernwalker
Tuesday, May 06, 2003
Finding the needle in the haystack
Met this little filly from San Diego a few weeks ago on the Internet. She was kind of cute and owned a couple of horses and some dogs. After the last nightmare I had given up on dating, but thought what the heck, she was sure pretty in that photo. Much to my surprise she wrote me back and then came to visit for a weekend and we had a really good time. We got along real good and have a lot in common. I was not expecting too much, as most of these Internet dates have been ok, but nothing to hang your boots on. This one was a little different. She caught my eye and we missed each other almost instantly. She came again to visit this past week and we got along really well. She's really beautiful and we agree on everything. So far we have never argued or even disagreed. Not even once. It’s quite amazing really. She is loving, caring, beautiful, kind, warm, open minded and happy. It’s easy for me to be with her. She loves horses and dogs and me. She loves me for being me and I love her for being her. Unconditional love is a pretty cool thing. I had pretty much given up but I guess god had not. Anyway, she showed up on Wednesday and it just seemed like we got along so well, we decided to get engaged. So we went and bought a real nice ring that almost made me faint when I had to pay for it. Once I recovered we got engaged and figured what the heck, why not go to Reno and get married. We drove all night thru a blizzard and found one of those neon chapels to do the deed. Two little old ladies performed the I do's. We stayed another night in Reno and then headed home. Later this summer we are going to go horse camping in the Sierra's for our honeymoon and have a little horseback ceremony with a few other friends. That's what she wants, so it all sounds fine with me. Like I said, we have a lot in common. She makes me happy. I think this is the way it is suppose to be. At least for us.
Member: Anonymous
Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you...
Just to let you know that wedding bells rang earlier this year in celebration of a union that was made possible through your site.

We met here in the very early beginnings of your site. After 8 months of lengthy daily phone calls and trips back and forth out of state, we were engaged. 4 months later we were wed, family and friends filling a packed church.

This was definitely a "God thing" and if we wait for His timing, it doesn't matter in what way He brings two people together, if it's His will, it will be a blessed union, such as ours is.

Thank you again and continued success and blessings both to the site and to those seeking their soulmate.
Member: anonymous
Monday, March 24, 2003
I met the man of my dreams on ES!
I first signed on to ES thinking that I was messing around not expecting to find the man of my dreams and I did. We have been talking for almost a month now and we are planning on meeting next weekend. I never thought that you could meet you soulmate on the internet but I did. Thank you ES for bringing the man that I always dreamed of to me. ~T
Member: cowgrljen
Saturday, March 15, 2003
Member: Anonymous
Friday, May 31, 2002
More Quotes from our Members
"I met the most wonderful guy on your site. We never would have met because we live in different states. I had resigned myself to living alone and then discovered this site in a magazine. 7 months later I am in love and we are talking about getting married. This is truely a miracle!"

"I'm impressed! So far, there are
some very interesting and delightful members!"

"Please cancel my membership. I met someone through your web site and we are getting married! Thank you!"

"I've recommended your site to a couple of my friends, I think it's a great site..."

"I am shocked that a little equine service can bring a number of quality people together....you couldn't do it in a hundred years the normal way.........whatever that is!

"Hi there. I recently dropped by your EquestrianSingles.com website and was greatly impressed by the service you offer. What a great idea! Congratulations on a job well done!"

"HI hey this is the best thing since sliced bread! Yall keep me on, ok? checks in the mail....."
Member: Samantha
Friday, May 31, 2002
I met an Incredible Friend...
I just wanted to say thank you for your services. I met an increddible friend that will hopefully turn out to be more than a friendship. And he only lives 2 hours from me. We chat for a minimun of 2 hours every day and it usually goes past that. We send pictures of our horses to eachother all the time. It is great to already have similar interest, which is what you base your service on.
Thank You,
Member: Anonymous
Friday, May 31, 2002
A Great Experience!
I just wanted to inform you that I met amother member on here a short while ago and were are getting along GREAT.
He is the most wonderful Man I have ever met in my life.
Thanks to Equestrian Singles, he was able to write me and it all has been a great experience for both of us."
Thank you for being there.
Member: Ed
Saturday, June 01, 2002
Best Friend and Soulmate
I was fortunate enough to meet many wonderful women through the web site. I still correspond with some, as dear friends. One lady found out she has cancer, and, as a cancer survivor, I have talked to her and encouraged her about beating the disease. I did travel to meet two women....one went very badly, and one went well, and we are still friends. Then I met Cynthia.......ironically, after corresponding with women all over the country and even Australia, Cynthia lived only about a mile from me! We talked for some time before we actually met, but when we did, it was like we had know each other for a lifetime! We fell in love with each other, and know that we are so good together. We enjoy so many of the same things and are very much alike. We feel we are best friends and soulmates! Since we met, I have taken a job in Colorado and we are getting married in June when she comes to visit. It will be difficult being apart for a while, but we both want this more than anything and believe it is so very right and real!
I am very thankful for Cynthia, and Equestriansinlges.com!
Have a great ride and have fun!
Ed Kleinberg
Member: freeze
Thursday, August 29, 2002
I found some one
I found some I will spend the rest of my life with .Thank you.
Member: looking4cowgirl
Wednesday, August 14, 2002
my soul mate
Dear equestrian singles,
I would like to take a minute and thank equestrian singles for your services.I have met a very special cowgirl, or i should say soul mate the one i've been looking for all my life. I can't thank you enough. Sincerly yours, not looking4cowgirl!!!!
Member: ladycutter
Sunday, August 25, 2002
in love and married
met my now husband on this site the end of feb. was not really planning on this happening ,i was married to the most wonderful man for 34 yrs and he was my soulmate and my true love he was crushed by a horse in 1998 and died in 1999 i never thought that a person could be blessed in life to have two soul mates but i have been. i met some wonderful people on this site and hope to keep in contact with them. i will be moving to monterey,la. in a couple of weeks, and moving my horss as soon as we get a barn built. so all you singles dont give up you can find the right person ,just follow your heart....j...
Member: T.N.
Wednesday, October 30, 2002
I've met someone who stole my heart in Montana!
Thanks to this web site I met a very speacial man from Montana who took my breath away the instant I saw him.He gave me the best first date I have ever been on and I hope it never ends,Thanks True.
Member: curdawg
Tuesday, September 03, 2002
found my true love,lady cutter i love you
I meet the love of my life on this site back in feburary of this year , just started out to be friends and some one to talk to , would have never thought i would have gotten married over the NET , J "LADY-CUTTER" in the last few monthes has shown me what the true meaning of love is between two people, i love her as i have never loved before , hope others that come to this site have as much sucess at finding true love as i have. thank you , pete
Member: trew1950
Friday, January 03, 2003
This Site is the Best!
2003, whoa baby....this site is just the best....have made some great friends...ES girl friends...we give real meaning to "...'cow'girls just wanna have fun..." and a very special friend..smiles here...
Member: a happy rockies girl
Saturday, December 14, 2002
tommarrow-we meet our destiny
tommarrow i get on a plane to meet the man who stole my heart!we have been waiting weeks for this day.thank you brutus for not letting distance keep us from having our chance of a lifetime-you have always been there for me and thank you for being the man my father always told me would be waiting for me at the end of the rainbow!so-teamroper_ _ _ _-here i come!may this just be the beginning of a lifetime of being tuff enough,commiting and not quitting,flirting,working side by side and riding together to the other side of the mountain to see what is on the other side!i love you washington cowboy!!!
Member: a happy rockies girl!!
Sunday, December 01, 2002
i have gotten to know a great guy-thanks!
soon after joining i e-mailed my perfect man-he responded and we have been getting to know one another for awhile now-thru this method of dating we have had the not to be missed experience of developing first the all important friendship aspect in depth without the distraction of the physical aspect-that chemistry part is too often developed first and can sidetrack us from the in depth matters of the heart and soul that should come first.the chemistry part comes next-he is bringing me to his ranch and life in a few short weeks!this site works and has been the source of a wonderful best always there for me friend and a high odds on favorite as a lifetime partner and love.don't ever give up on the wonderful hunt for THE ONE!!!!
Member: canchaser30
Monday, January 13, 2003
Dreams do come true......
I just want to let everyone know you can meet the man of you're dreams on the internet. After the first couple of emails we immediately began speaking over the phone for hours and hours, we both knew instantly that we were destined to be together. We have honestly never been so in love or felt so comfortable with anyone in our lives. We are begining our new life together and are engaged to be married. We are definately soulmates and are so greatful to this site for bringing us to each other from thousands of miles apart. We will keep you posted.
Carrie (canchaser30)
Member: sissytwh
Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Met My Country Boy!!!!
I was having such bad luck meeting anyone on Equestrian Singles or anywhere else.. then lo and behold a nice country boy emailed me..he lived in my dad's hometown, was close to his family, loved kids, ready to settle down. that was 6 months ago.. and now we are moving to our own 20 acre farm in Alabama with our 3 horses, 53 goats, 9 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 rabbits. Love finally smiled down on me! Thank you Equestrian Singles!!
Member: centraltxgal
Sunday, February 23, 2003
I have met the most wonderful man!
This site was truly an enjoyable experience and a heaven sent to my life. I have met the most wonderful man and have a story book romance like I have never dreamed of. He means the world to me and I have God and Equestrian Singles to thank. Thanks to all for your kind words and support. Good Luck to all that are looking for their true love.Keep looking, he/she is out there waiting for you! God Bless you and yours. 02-23-03
Member: bstbabyblues
Sunday, March 02, 2003
Dreams can and do come true.
Thank you to all my wonderful friends on here. With out you meeting the man of my dreams, might not have happened. Sometimes we travel all over thinking Mr.Right could never be just a few miles away. Well, he was and is everything I could have ever wished for and more. It took this site for us to meet and we could not be happier you all are here. So, to everyone reading this. Remember NEVER give up, he or she will be there when you least expect it. Take care and God Bless to all.
Member: anonymous
Sunday, March 02, 2003
I met alot of nice people
I joined back in October and met a lot of nice people made some good friends and acquantances. And I am finding there are alot of people not only looking for the same things I am but do want to truly have a life time friend and soul mate to travel with ride with laugh and love with and to share each others lifes.
Thank you Equestrian Singles. I know This will be a success story with a happy beginning and an even better ever after ending I look forward to writing to you again.
Member: newkem
Saturday, March 08, 2003
pulled my profile
Within just a couple of weeks on ES I met the lady of my dreams. We have been communicating almost daily for 2 months and life has been wonderful. Have to say that I doubted this internet business, but now am a firm believer. I have a Spark in my life that I love more than I thought possible. Thanks ES, we probably would have never met if it weren't for your site.
Member: califcowgirl
Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Dreams come true to those who wait long enough!
Dreams come true to those who wait long enough...and I had a profile on EQ-S for at least a year!! In March I received an email from another member & it's been unbelievable ever since. Our first phone conversation was 6 hours long!! Thank God for cell phones....though we both had to change our plans!! LOL We talked & emailed for 2 months about anything & everything before we finally met in April. When we finally met it felt like we'd known each other for a long time!! We were engaged in April, I'm moving to WA the end of December (if we can hold out that long)and we're now planning the wedding for next July. Thanks again EQ-S for bringing this Cowboy into my life!! We are both so lucky to have found each other....AND LONG DISTANCE DOES WORK IF YOU WANT IT TOO!!
Califcowgirl :):)

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